Not Just a Mom- Top 5 Family Favorite Activities

 Hey loves. Happy Monday. How was your 4th of July week? Last week was a big blur. I couldn't tell you what day it was most of the week. We had family in town, Ella has been gone on vacation, and so much going on. I am excited for Ella to be coming home today and having a more normal week. 

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This month we are sharing our Top 5 Family Activities.

1- Game Night

We have so many board games and our collection just keeps growing. Games for just the adults, to games that we can include my 3 year old. My youngest is also loving wooden puzzles right now. 

A few of our favorites right now are  Dropsy, Monopoly, Battleship, Dominos, Princess Yahtzee, and Disney Apples to Apples

2- Walk outside

Weather is be just a walk around the block or going for a walk in the woods. They may complain when we tell them we are going and the first few minutes then they end up having a good time. The last few times we have went on more "hikeable" trails but still with the stroller because little lets. 

3- Fire

We love a good fire. Weather it be inside or outside. The kids love roasting marshmallows. I love the conversations and relaxing. Our fires outside have included friends lately too.

Inside fires also call for a movie night. 

4- Movie Night

Some times you just want a relaxing night at home watching a movie. Our recent go to movies have been Disney but we have also been throwing in some classics too. 

5- Helping Cook and/or Bake.

My kids love helping in the kitchen. From making coffee in the morning (Anna love grinding the coffee) to helping with dinner or baking cookies. At least once a month we try to do a make your own pizza night and the kids get their own pizzas. 


Driving Around Looking at Christmas Lights. 

Yes I know it is completely the wrong time of year, well actually it is Christmas in July. We love (usually) driving around different neighborhoods and looking at Christmas lights. 

What are your families favorite activities?. If you have a blog please link up. 

Come back next month as we Top 5 Favorite family activities.

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  1. Oh we love going around to look at lights too! Great bonus one!

    Lauren @ Don't Mind Our Mess

  2. We used to do a weekly game night till everyone just kept fighting over which game to play!

  3. Loved reading this- great reminder about Christmas lights- yes! :)

  4. Like you, my kids always complain when I say we are going for a walk or hike, but they inevitably have the best time and then we have to force them to come home!

  5. When I asked the kids what their favourite family activities were, they also mentioned baking but Dave doesn't bake so I didn't count it! And yes, we love going to a good light display!

  6. OH yes, gathering around the fire is always wonderful too.

  7. I didn't include it in my post, but traditions provide some of my favorite family looking at Christmas lights. We have a lot of the same answers in our posts today.

  8. It sounds like you have been busy!
    What great activities. We have so many board games too and we keep adding to the collection. We love a movie night too.

  9. Great activities! Our whole family has enjoyed bonfires and campfires too, for as long as I can remember. My boys were well-known in our homeschool community for having huge bonfires and experimenting with burning things! LOL (We had strict safety rules, but as they got older, boy, they pushed those limits! 0.0 )

  10. These are some great family activities! My kids also love games- their current favorites are Slapzi, Tenzi and Carcassone Junior. Oh, and Exploding Kittens!



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