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Where do I start. I guess my little disclaimer. This is my story of how I became a mom. I know that many women who struggle to get pregnant, and some that never do. I know there are moms who have adopted their precious babies and that doesn't make them any less of a mom. 

When I was married, my then husband and I tried to get pregnant for over a year and a half. I stopped taking birth control pills that I had been on since I was 16 for heavy painful periods. (At this time i was 23) We tried for a few months then I had read the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility that a girlfriend recommended. I was tracking and tempting with no luck. We had decided to stop actively trying and ended up getting pregnant the next month. (love this old camera photo that was then scanned into a computer.) 

While pregnant with Aubriella I was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum and ended up in the hospital 11 times. (I also had hyperemesis gravidarum with my other two kids. Austin I was in the hospital 13 times and Audrianna we were able to control it with meds so I didn't end up in the hospital as much, but still was always getting sick)

I was induced with Aubriella on October 1. My due date was October 8th. My doctor at that time was very pushy about being induced on my own terms as we could plan ahead, everyone could be there, ... in realty it was just more convenient for him. I was in labor for 22 hours, ended up having to use vacuum and forceps to get Aubriella out. Aubriella Jean on October 2, 2011 at 3:10 am after being in labor for 22 hours. She weighed 6lbs 8oz, and 19 inches long.

Austin was the best ever "opps baby". When the doctor tells you that if you are on antibotics to use another form of birth control because the pill will not work properly believe them. I was on two different antibotics and well the rest is history. 

Austin Rex was born on July 15, 2015 at 4:01 pm, weighing 6 pounds and 9.8 oz and 20 inches long. He arrived two weeks early. It was a very quick labor followed by an eventful 48 hours and a week in the NICU. We had previously had "false labor" and I was at home laboring for a while partly thinking it was false labor again. When we got to the hospital I was already 8cm. From the time my water broke to the time he was out was less than 7 minutes. They were rushing to find a doctor to deliver as it was a busy day and after Ella's long labor they never anticipated this one being so quickly. I had no epidural or pain meds because it was so quick. Both Brian's and my mom's were suppose to be in the delivery room but neither of them made it to the hospital in time. 

As a NICU mom, the hardest part for me was leaving the hospital without my baby. I am grateful Austin was only in the NICU for a week compared to so many other babies who are in longer or never make it home. We have amazing family that helped watch Ella for the numerous times we had to run back and forth to the hospital as I was also breastfeeding. 

Audrianna was a planned pregnancy. There were lots of hiccups while pregnant such as being unable to drink the sugar crap drink so I had to do the diabetes testing differently, to the baby measuring small, to some heart concerns for me. I dont exaggerate when I say I don't have easy pregnancies.

Audrianna Rose was born three weeks early. She was born July 11, 2019 at 4am weighing 6lbs 1 oz and 19 inches long. I had a traumatic birth. She was healthy and wonderful. I had a complication during labor that had effects over a month. I shared my whole birth story HERE if you are interested in what went wrong and could have been prevented. 

I have three wonderful amazing children who make me the mom I am today. They are each 3.5 to 4 years apart. Their ages can sometimes be a struggle because they are all in different stages, but I believe any ages have their own struggles. Aubriella is 11 going in 6th grade, Austin is 7 going in 2nd grade, and Audrianna is 3 going in pre-k. We/I am done having kids. From me having horrible hyperemesis gravidarum with each pregnancy, and the labor complications I had with my last child and I just feel like our family is complete. 

I would love to read how you became a mom. If you have a blog please link up. 

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  1. Yikes; your body really does like being pregnant! I worked with a woman who was in her 60's at the time and still talking about the damage her epidural had done when she was in labor. It really made me want to have an all natural birth (which I in no way managed to get!). I am so sorry that you had to go through all that you did.

    1. I always say I forget the bad parts of pregnancy and labor until I am in the rut of it again.

  2. I am so sorry your pregnancies were so rough and that the after effects of Audrianna's birth were so intense. That sounds awful.

  3. I loved reading about your birth stories!

  4. Is hyperemesis gravidarum what Princess Kate had? I never had morning sickness but just felt nauseous all the time for the first half of my pregnancy...which I'd forgotten about until reading your post. Love reading the story of each of your kids!

  5. Phew, not easy on your poor body. So nice those little faces.

  6. It sounds like you are having a fantastic trip.
    Oh no! the hyperemesis gravidarum sounds horrendous. I had all morning sickness and feeling sick all day with my youngest for a few months and that was bad enough. It sounds like you had a really rough time of it.
    How wonderful to read your birth stories.

  7. A couple of my good friends had problems with HG while pregnant and it's awful. I'm so sorry you had to go through that and then the complications with the epidural too. :-( But your family is so beautiful and I'm so glad you healed and you all are thriving!


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