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 Hey loves. How was your week? Our was crazy. My two oldest are officially back to school. Thankfully they got a slower start with only 3 days this week because you can tell they are tired and ready to relax this weekend. It is a huge adjustment from summer, especially this summer where we were very laid back. 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

Last trip to Cedar Point before back to school. Austin was the only one that would take a picture with me. I don't think we got a group shot of all of us this year. 

First ride was carousel. We brought Ella's friend again. 

Even though the park was busy, other kids with their parents like to skip lines, and the lines were longer the kids still had a fun time the few hours we were there. 

~ TWO ~

A girlfriend was getting ride of his huge waterslide. It has seen better days, don't hold air or water like it is suppose to. But the kids are going to have fun with it for the next few weeks. 


Another request for lunch charcuterie board. I am going to miss these. 

~ FOUR ~

Ella had her open house and locker set up. A girlfriend gave her some wallpaper to add to her look. 

~ FIVE ~

I crawled into bed with Ella the last morning of summer. We just laid there and talked, then a little cute monster joined us. 

~ SIX ~

Ella is ready to go to school with her little mini me sister in her bookbag from last year. 


Our neighbors have invited our family over a few times this summer to go swimming but our schedules never worked out. Finally got to spend a few hours on the last day of summer enjoying their pool. Now we really want a bigger pool of our own. 


Back to school brinner was a success. They even asked for more. 

~  NINE ~

6th grade

2nd grade

Anna just wanted in the shot, but starts pre-k in two weeks.
They had a great first day back to school. 

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  1. That waterslide looks so fun (even if it doesn't really hold air or water well!). Glad everyone's first day of school went well.


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