Day in the Life Summer Edition

 Hey loves. Happy Thursday. I can't believe that our summer is almost over. I have been meaning to do this post all summer and keep forgetting. I also just checked and I have never done a Day In the Life Summer Edition post before either. I know these are a favorite topic and I love reading other bloggers day in the life posts too. I picked a random day to share. I picked last Wednesday.  I tried to also do a day in the life on Instastories but my Instagram has been messed up. 

Here go Day In the Life Summer Edition, Wednesday August 16, 2023 of our last full week of summer break.

 Tuesday night into Wednesday was a rough night sleep. Anna woke me up at 230 am because she had to go to the bathroom. Then wanted me to go to her bed. I had my alarm set for 5am. When it went off Anna just clung to me. I knew there was no getting up then. I was eventually able to get up at 6am

Alarm went off again, I laid in Anna's bed a few more minutes than got up. I had already received a good morning text from my sister in our group text with a few friends. 

I went from Anna's room to the master bathroom to get ready. I got dressed, put my contacts in and brushed my teeth to head downstairs. 

Mixed up my pre-workout, lemon flavor is my favorite.

Quickly and as quietly as possible I put away the clean dishes (maybe one day our dishwasher will get fixed or we will get a new one)

I opened all the blinds in the back of the house. The sun was just starting to rise. 

I take 15-20 minutes to do what I call my mindset morning. Gratitude, devotional, and personal development

Downstairs and got my workout finished before 7am, before the kids were awake. 

Breakfast was dairy free coconut yogurt with fruit and homemade maple granola and a sourdough English muffin. Lets not forget iced coffee from Trader Joes. 

After I ate breakfast and cleaned up some, I filled the kids and my water bottles. I also cut up the strawberries that needed eaten up. I have learned if I want it to get each quickly prep it and let it sit out (usually on the table) and it magically disappears. In the last week I have done grapes, cherries, strawberries, and cantalope. 

730- showered and ready for the rest of the day. 

Loving my 4 step skin care that you do morning and night. (different moisturizer in the morning and night so there is 5 products). 

Also took my daily vitamins. They are personalized with a quick quiz for what your body needs. 

Anna woke up a little before 8am. 

Some tv and tablet time while Anna eats some dry cereal. (we have been a lot more relaxed with tv and tablets this summer, they will have a rude awakening once school starts) 

I wrote out my to do list for the day and made sure my blog posted correctly for the day. 

830- Got the kids, waters, and snacks in the car. I popped a headphone in one ear and we hit the road. Usually my kids watch a movie on the van but the last few times they requested music and to look out the window, I'm not complaining. On my headphone I listen to the Bible recap Bible reading from the Bible app and the Bible recap podcast for the day. 

9am - pick up Ella from her dads. She is so excited for my picture. 

Off on an adventure. We visited the Rocky River Nature Center. 

First we did some walking to look for deer, frogs, turtles, etc. All we found were chipmunks. 

It was a peaceful 1/2 mile walk. 

Then we went into the nature center where there is some fun areas for kids and tanks with turtles, frogs, and fish. 

They played checkers even though I realized neither of them know how to play #momfail. We also watched a bee hive outside the windows before we headed home. We were here for a good hour. 

On our way home we stopped by Marcs for a few groceries, JoAnne fabric for some paint, and the kids requested MdDonald's as an end of the summer treat. 

After lunch was pretty low key. More tv time, and playing Barbies and Dr. with my princess. 

It was not warm enough to put up our blow up pool so I told Anna she couldn't go swimming. She proved me wrong, gets out her Barbie pool, gets some water and sits in it. 

The rest of the afternoon was playing outside, and riding bikes. Ella had a friend over for a few hours. We have pierogis and kielbasa for dinner. 

Oh we also got a quote for a stamped patio. 

Brian went and picked up patio furniture he had bought from a client who was moving and didn't need/want her outdoor furniture. We still need to get cushions though. We placed them in our backyard where we want the patio to visually see if the patio we were thinking of getting would be big enough for the furniture and outdoor table. 

Our neighbors say Brian come home with the truck loaded and they came over for a little while and the kids played. 

By 9pm I was in bed reading. Brian went to go pick up her niece who was staying the night with us before she flew back to Seattle the following afternoon. By the time they got home I was asleep. Anna ended up sleeping in Ella's bed for the first time ever and slept the whole night. 

I hope you enjoyed following around for a day in the life summer edition. Nothing to exciting just our normal life. 

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  1. We tend to cut up and keep fruit prepped (we keep them in tupperware containers in the fridge for the teens) and they are much more likely to get eaten that way! It sounds like such a lovely day. That nature center sounds so cute.


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