First Day of School

 Hey loves. It is back to school time. Yesterday my two oldest had their first day back to school. My youngest starts preschool after Labor Day but we will include her in the fun too. Most of the time I love having my kids home with me, minus when they are fighting or the I'm bored a million times a day which was how the past two weeks have gone. I am excited for them to be back at school, with their friends, making new friends, and getting more independence. 

Here is a little sneak peak of our how day went... 

My alarm went off at 430 am. Time to get back to my early morning routine so I have some quiet me time before anyone else is awake. I enjoyed sleeping in this summer, but I also feel like I missed so much of the day, didn't have as much energy, and didn't get as much done as I wanted. I finally crawled out of Anna's bed a little before 5am. She woke up at 130 am screaming and I just crawled into her bed. I got ready and headed downstairs at the same time as Brian was leaving to go to the gym. I grabbed my preworkout did my mindset morning then headed to the basement to press play.

I finished my workout then headed upstairs it make lunches and make she Ella was moving. 

Ella was the first kid up at 6am. Her bus comes an hour before Austin's. How do I have a 6th grader already. Next year will be middle school. She got up on her own, grabbed her own breakfast (yogurt and fruit). Then I touched up straightening her hair. We had some time before I walked her to the bus stop. 

Brian woke up Austin a few minutes before 7, even though I had an alarm set for him. He ate breakfast while I was at the bus stop with Ella. I came home ate my breakfast then reminded Austin to get dressed and brush his teeth. He had a half an hour before the bus was schedule to come so he went upstairs to play in his room.

Anna woke up around 745 on her own. 

At 8am we went outside to take our before school pictures. Austin requested we move the truck so he can play basketball before the bus came. He ended up playing a lot longer than anticipated because his bus was 20 minutes late. Better than last year it was 10 minutes early and over half the kids missed the bus. 


  • Ella is the oldest grade at her school starting 6th grade. She will be playing flute and still doing choir. I can't wait to see what other extra curriculars she picks this year. Last year she was doing a lot, and was never home. 
  • Ella has grown an inch since January.
  • Ella is excited her best friend is in her home room and on her team. (each grade is separated into teams that have the same core teachers)
  • Ella wants to be a singer when she grows up and has been writing songs. (like mother like daughter)


  • Austin just started 2nd grade. 
  • He is finally 48 inches on a good day. I say a good day because over the summer at Cedar Point depending on the ride they gave him a hard time with his height.
  • Austin is obsessed with watching Ice Road Truckers or any show where they are using the big tow trucks to flip semi's back over after an accident.
  • Austin now wants to be a big tow truck driver. 
  • Austin has two girlfriends in his class that live in the neighborhood. His friend from last year is also in his class, but he doesn't remember his name. 


  • This is the first first year that Anna's best friend isn't in class with her. It will also be the reality that her friend won't be in kindergarten with her because they live in a different school district. 
  • As I type this Anna's school time is up in the air. The class we signed up for got combines with another class because of limited students signed up, but the new time doesn't really work with our schedules. We are looking into our options.
  • Anna is obsessed with playing doctor again, but really giving you a massage and manicure and taking all the clothes of her Barbies. 

Even though only two of my kids are at school, the house is so much quieter. There isn't the arguing and fighting non-stop. Anna did ask a few times when she gets to go back to school and wanted me to play with me more, she misses her playmates. 

I am off to go enjoy some one on one time with Anna before the older two get home from school aka we are going to Target. I'll be back tomorrow for Friday Favorites

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  1. 4:30 am is an early wake-up call! Hope they have a great year!

    1. It is early. It is also the time Brian gets up to go to the gym if he does go. It just works when we actually do it lol i can push it back to 5 and still get everything done just at a faster pace


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