Friday Favorites

 Hey loves. Happy Friday. It has been a week. Nothing has gone as planned, I feel like nothing has gotten done, and we only have one more week left of summer. There is still so much I want to do that I know isn't going to get done. We are going to make the most of it. Even with than off week there were still lots of favorites.... 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

Audrianna had her testing done to officially say if she is or isn't allergic to amoxicillin. She is NOT allergic to it. They believe the horrible rash she had a few months ago that looked like she got beat up was a strain on strep throat virus (weird i know) but we will never know 100% unless she gets that rash again then we have steps to take. 

~ TWO ~

Date night with some friends at Twilight at the Zoo. It is the biggest fundraiser even the Cleveland Zoo has every year. It is for 21 and over, tickets always sell out (at $100 a piece) unlimited beer and wine and food. The food this year sucked. (tator tots, chicken nuggets, sliders, veggies, moz sticks, pakora, falafel, and egg roll in a bowl) The best food was the pakora and I can't even tell you what it is. They have Collision Bend beer, summer shandy, miller light, truly, twisted tea, and Oak Grove cabernet and chardonnay. There were also 12 different bands playing through out the zoo. It was from 7-midnight. We ended up staying until 1130. 

Brian with our neighbor who we went with him and his wife. 


I sent this picture to my girlfriend, at first she thought it was an older picture of Ella. Nope it was Anna stealing Ella's glasses. She may have been bad for taking her glasses but she is still cute. 

~ FOUR ~

Checked another item off our summer bucket list= Backyard camping. There was no rain in the forecast, temps overnight in the low 60s perfect night for the kids to sleep outside. I got a new air mattress to sleep on and we were set. Then Ella had a friend over who wanted to sleep over too and Anna didn't want to sleep in the tent. Ella, her friend, and Austin had a sleepover in the tent and besides being up until midnight giggling they did good. Then Anna woke them up so we could take down the tent before it was suppose to rain as the forecast changed. (then it never rained anyways) 

~ FIVE ~

Like mother like daughter. Ella asked for a haircut for 5 days before I actually wanted to do it. It would have got done before back to school anyways but she wanted it done and more layers cut in it. Anna helped brush it aka tried ripping her hair out as Ella said. 

~ SIX ~

This little girl, Anna, is turning into Ella. She slept until almost 10am the one day. She isn't sick, went to bed at normal time, acted normal the rest of the day, and went to bed at normal time that night. Ella could sleep all day usually Anna is the early riser. This only happened the one day and I got a lot done that morning. 


My girlfriend and her daughters were over for a play date. Before the girls played on the slip and slide a butterfly landed on Sophia and stayed there for a while. He would fly to another spot and land again. 


My little entrepreneurs. Having a lemonade and Girl Scout cookie stand. We bought extra cookies last year to go door to door but Ella never did it. So we will have some let to sell. Now if I could teach them to remember how much money they started with and keep track of what they sold that would be great. It also doesn't help when you open and start eating cookies. 

~ NINE ~

Eat the rainbow. Fresh veggies out out of garden with eggs and sourdough bread

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