Lets Look Worst Habits

 Hey loves. How is your week going? It has been an off week. Plans keep getting changed, Monday was cold and rainy (like temps in the 60s), sleep has been off, and kids have been whiny. It's only Wednesday. I think they are ready to go back to school and also have some normalcy with schedules but will never admit it. 

Today I am linking up with Erika and Shay for Our Worst Habits. 

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My Worst Habits

I can't say I have horrible habits. But I came up with a few that I wouldn't mind changing.

  • Procrastinating 
    • waiting til the last minute to do things, from posting blog posts to cleaning the house right before a party. 
  • Coming up with Excuses
    • Reasons I didn't get my workout or something done
  • Tik Tok Scrolling
    • I deleted the app for a few months because I was aggravated with the algorithm. I have had it back for a few weeks because of a potential collaborations. I am back to spending way to much time scrolling. Deleting now. 
  • Cleaning/Organizing the basement
    • There are piles and messes and multiple projects going on that nothing seems to get done.
  • Not listening to my body
    • I am getting better at this. Not pushing myself with workouts that aggravate my back. Not eating foods that don't agree with me such as dairy products and greasy food.
What is one of your bad habits?

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