Friday Favorites End of January

 Hey friends. We made it to Friday. I love winter, the snow is beautiful and pretty and bright. I am just going to keep telling myself that. It is like that TikTok meme "We don't have hurricanes, We don't have alligators, We don't have earthquakes".  I hate rain and ice and freezing temps. The kids didn't have school on Tuesday because of ice and that was another day with 5 kids and craziness. All I want to one week of normal schedules. They are already talking about a potential snow storm on Monday, so we will see. 

Even with all the craziness we had a great week and a bunch of favorites. 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

Our first snow storm that it wasn't to freezing to actually go out and play in the snow. Brian and Marc (our neighbor) got 4 kids dressed in snow gear to go sledding. I give them props for no help. Behind our house is the perfect size hill for the kids. 

They had fun and lasted a good hour. 

~ TWO ~

It was a weekend of sourdough. I made cinnamon roll focaccia, 2 loaves of artesian bread, pizza dough, and discard waffles. I had the cutest little helpers making the bread. (Since the dads left me with 5 kids while they shoveled driveways) 


I love that our house has a wood fireplace and we use it most weekends in the winter. It isn't very often that I get to sit down and relax and enjoy the fireplace, a glass of wine, and not having a kid crawling all over me (or 3 or 5). Last weekend I stayed up later then the kids (9 is usually my bedtime) and enjoyed some peace and quiet. 

~ FOUR ~

My little superhero. Ella went to a rock climbing place with her Girl Scout troop. She was one of the 3 girls out of 16 girls that made it to the top of 54 feet wall and she did it over 12 times. 

~ FIVE ~

Anna's new thing is "making a house" or "going on vacation" All I see is a mess but she is using her imagination. 

~ SIX ~

Welcome to mommy's hair salon. Anna's hair was getting knotted so easily and takin at least 10 minutes every day to knot since we have been home from vacation. I went to the beauty supply store and bought some clarifying shampoo to get all the chlorine out of her hair from swimming everyday. Clarifying shampoo is not tear free and knew to get the best wash was going to be to do it out of the tub. This worked perfect. 


We had a freeze day with all 5 kids home. (3 are mine, 2 are my girlfriends that I started watching again). Ella amused them for a few hours playing Barbies. They also played with Lego's, and did a coloring craft. 


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  1. You all got some great snow as well! We use our fireplace during the weekends too. I don't think I could ever not have a fireplace now. If it's going to be winter, it feels like a must. Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. The "mommy's hair salon" is giving me flashbacks to my own childhood :)

  3. I love the snow but I am not so keen on the cold which comes with it. It looks like the kids all had fun playing and sledding. How lovely to sit in front of the fire with a glass of wine.


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