January Monthly Musing

 Hey friends. Happy Thursday and last Thursday of the month. I am linking up today with  Patty and Holly for monthly musing. This months theme is Winter Self care. 

1- How do you take care of yourself in the winter?

I wouldn't say I do anything different in the winter compared to all year to take care of myself. I try to move my body every day, eat lots of veggies and protein, limit my sugar, and drink at least 80 oz of water a day.

2- How do you fight the winter blues?

Remember it is just a season. Soon enough we will be complaining about the heat. 

3- Tips to make your living space cozy?

Blankets, candles, and we use our fireplace a lot in the winter. 

4- Suggestion for fun wintertime activities?

Curling up by the fireplace reading a book. Outside playing in the snow, building a snowman or going sledding.

5- What are your exercise routines in the winter?

My exercise routine doesn't change between winter and other season. I always work out at home in my basement. I have a MYX bike and stream workouts. Right now I am doing 23 minute workouts with The Ladies Edge. 

6- Best Tips for Restful Sleep?

Don't have kids, just kidding kinda. We have a humidifier and diffuser in our room. In the diffuser I use lemon, lavender and eucalyptus. We also have black out curtains. I try not to have any caffeine after 4 pm (sometimes I end up drinking a pre=workout later but will do a half a dose) My new nighttime drink is a fiberise and mela-out that I get from my monthly wellness box. 

7- Favorite Warm Beverage

In the morning coffee, at night decaf tea

8- Best Winter Skincare tips?

All the mositurizer

9- Flannel sheet- yes or no

No because Brian gets to hot. We do have a heated blanket that I turn on before bed, he normally kicks it off. 

10- Favorite winter pajamas

i have a mix match flannel pants and a long sleep top with Minnie Mouse. 

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  1. My sleep tip was not to co-sleep with your toddler! Haha. I was just kidding too!! We don’t use flannel sheets, either. I need to start a workout routine, but I just haven’t done it yet!

  2. Don't have kids?! Hysterical and so very true right? ;)

  3. Getting a humidifer that's also a diffuser was a game changer!

  4. Your answer to #6 cracked me up!! I did sleep so soundly before we ever had kids and now I wake up with any little noise...

  5. Excellent tips on the water intake. I am not sure how much water I take in but will try to up my water too! Thanks for joining in with us.

  6. Catching up on my Monthly Musings a bit late :) Oh my gosh -- even though the kids are teens, I would still sleep better without them! Hahaha!


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