Weekend Wrap Up Another Long One

 Hey friends. Hello Monday. Guess what I am so excited we got snow. It is the first major snow storm of this winter and 2024. We had a long 3 day weekend already planned with my kids having off school on Friday for the end of the grading period, even if they had school they would have ended up having a snow day. So my kids went to school Tuesday and Thursday last week. It was crazy. I hope, I need, I want, I pray that this week is back to normal with school, no one sick, no extra kids that are unscheduled, etc. It may have been a crazy week but we had a fun weekend. 

If you didn't see my earlier posts today it is a 3 post day. I also shared What We Ate Week 2, and Book Club with Shay


Thursday I had Anna and S, the day before I had 5 kids with it being a freeze day. It was so much quieter with only 2 girls. They were very low key, lots of coloring, not much arguing, and more watching tv then previously. I think they both just needed a low key day. At one time I thought they both were going to take a nap. Anna did end up taking a nap around 315. I woke her up getting her dressed at 4 because we had to take Ella to drama club. 

After dropping Ella off at drama club (her dad was picking her up from there) Anna, Austin, and myself joined my girlfriend and her daughters for dinner for her daughters school dine to donate. Brian had a work event that included dinner. 

We went to bed with most of the cities already closed for the snow store that was coming. Ella was at her dads and he was going to bring her home because he has a F250 dually that handles the snow better than my van. 

3:46 am I am woken up by a knock on the door and the doorbell ringing. I grab my phone to look at the camera at the same time as waking up Brian to see who is there. I did not expect to see two police officers at the door and 5 police cars in the street.

There was an abandoned car that crashed into the fence of the basin right in front of our house. No one was in the car, the car was still running, but was already getting covered in snow. There were no foot prints of someone getting out of the car. The tire tracks looked like they could have come straight from our driveway or they were driving from the right of the picture and made a hard right turn into the fence. Our camera did not pick up anyone being in our driveway but it is angled so we don't pick the cars up on the street. We have no answer of what really happened, just our speculations of a stolen car and/or drunk driver. We did wake up Austin to watch the tow truck pull the SUV out. It was like a front row seat from the comfort of our warm house to watch Ice Road Truckers, which Austin is obsessed with currently. 


After the police incident I went back to sleep for a few hours. Brian had already used the snow blower once before I woke up but the driveway was already covered again. 

You know the saying once you have kids you never get to go to the bathroom alone. Most people think this is only when they are little. This is what I opened the door to find. She is 12 and I still don't get to poop in peace. 

Time to go sledding. Brian got Anna and Austin in all their snow gear. Ella got herself in hers. Marc our neighbor got his two kids all bundled up and ready to go. I give the guys credit for doing this without the moms. I was in the middle of making some sourdough and Katie across the street was out of town. 

They took all 5 kids sleeping. I love that we have our own "personal" sledding hill at the old school behind out house. There is no parking so you really have to walk to the park to go sledding. We were the only ones there. I went just to take pictures then ended up going down the hill twice. 

Our neighbor has the coolest sled for the little kids. It wraps around the kids back so they won't fall backwards. Unfortunately the snow was light and fluffy that it sunk in, the snow disks worked a lot better. 

The snow is so beautiful and relaxing. We ended up getting about 10 inches, even though the weather app said we got 5. 

It was the perfect evening for a fire. 

Anna agreed and asked to roast marshmallows. 

Anna also decided to help the guys shovel the driveway. She missed the driveway part and was shoveling the front yard but was having fun. 

The girls helped me make sourdough bread and pizza for dinner. 

Our neighbors even home and my kids were all in their rooms watching tv while getting ready for bed. A delicious glass of red wine by the fire was a great ending of the day.


A lazy start to the day. Then Austin and Brian went to basketball. While they were gone I gave Anna a much needed bath. Since being back from vacation her hair is knotting so bad. The easiest way to comb her hair is after a shower with detangler in her hair. Then Anna and I went to drop Ella off at an event for Girl Scouts.  

We get home and Brian is salting the driveway. Anna stayed outside with Brian and I went inside to find Austin making his own lunch. Yes that is a Nutella and goldfish sandwich and Yes he ate it. 

Ella's Girl Scout troop had a meeting at a local indoor rock climbing place, Cleveland Rocks. 

Out of all the girls in her troop she was one of three who made it to the top. 

She also made it to the top of the hardest angled ones too. She climbed to the top over 10 times and the highest is 54 feet. 

After Girl Scouts I took Ella shopping to find new tennis shoes for school. She starts gym class on Monday, new quarter. I hate that she has gym everyday for a quarter compared to once a week for the year. While shopping I found these cutest boots at Target. No I didn't get them, but in realty how often do I leave the house to wear them. 

I came home to 6 extra people at our house. Thankfully I had thrown dinner in the crock pot earlier in the day. The guys watched the game (I have no idea who was playing) and the kids played. 


I woke up Sunday morning in a mood. I didn't want to be around people. I didn't want to take a shower and get dressed and go to church. We decided to stay home and make a waffle breakfast instead. 

Waffles with all the fixings. 

Austin declared it as the best breakfast ever. We use to do Sunday breakfasts with waffles or pancakes every week but stopped when we started going to church and time didn't allow for big breakfasts. We are going to have to do this more often. 

After breakfast Ella went to her room, Brian and Austin went downstairs to play Xbox, Anna and I sat on the couch in the living room and read books for an hour. I looked over and saw Frank the squirrel digging in the snow finding peanuts that I put out on Thursday. 

Anna asked for more peanuts to feed him, so she threw a bunch outside. 

The rest of the day was low key. We finished laundry, vacuumed, the kids played, watched Ohio State Girls basketball win, and did Lego's. It was nice to have a day just at home. 

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  1. That soup looks delicious with that bread! Yummy! Sometimes it’s nice to have a day to yourself with just your family. We’ve skipped church a few times for that very reason!

  2. Such yummy meals and perfect for this cozy weekend :)


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