Friday Favorites- All the green

 Hey friends. We made it to Friday. We had a short week with my kids having off last Monday. We also have another long weekend with my kids having off Monday again. I'm still confused on what day it is and I will be for the next month until we are back to a normal school schedule. Spring is officially here, and it brought temps in the 30s and snow. I'm so ready for sunshine and temps above 50. 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

New desk in our office. It is solid wood that was custom made for one of Brian's clients who was unable to take it with them to their new house. So far we are loving it. It took 3 guys (one who is a beast of muscle) to carry it. Little by little our house is getting updated. 

~ TWO ~

St. Patrick's day fun with our neighbors/friends. They invited us over for brunch. We had delicious food, Brian made a vegan Shepard's pie that amazing (I don't eat corn beef and our one friend is vegan). Lets not forget about our green mimosas. The kids also were pretty well behaved. 


Ignore the mess of the basement. But in the last few weeks Ella and Austin have been getting along to the extent of playing Minecraft together. And it has been Ella asking to play with Austin. I will take this as a win. 

~ FOUR ~

My view from my desk looking out the window watching the snow fall. I would rather be looking at birds, deer, or the kids running around but the snow ill have to do. It hasn't really stuck. 

~ FIVE ~

We are so proud of Anna, as well as she is so proud of herself and excited to show everyone that she can tie shoes. They have been practicing on and off all year at school and really kicked up the practice the last few weeks and she figured it out, with also the help of my mom. She got a certificate from school that is hanging on our fridge. Anna has also tried teaching Austin to tie his shoes. 

~ SIX ~

It's haircut time. Ella got her bangs trimmed, Austin, Brian, and Anna got full haircuts. Anna's hair is so much easier to comb and is isn't knotting as much after a good trim. You would think as a hairdresser that my kids would get haircuts all the time, but it is still a fight to get them to let me cut their hair. They even get to watch TV while I cut it and hope straight in the shower so they aren't itchy. 


Benefits of cleaning the office and getting a new desk, having to go throw and organize everything. Also means I find stickers I bought awhile ago to go on my kindle. Yes the ghosts were from before Halloween ( i don't remember from where but I only paid shipping) but they are still cute. 


Lets go back to 2020 when we were going on virtual vacations, we did a virtual Disney vacation. My kids remember riding in close baskets as if they were rollercoasters and leaning with the ride. They still randomly request to watch roller coasters point of view on Youtube. 

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  1. Your desk looks fabulous! I imagine it weighed a ton. It sounds like the kids are getting along well. I always found Minecraft brought my girls together when they were younger.
    Well done to Anna with tying her shoes.


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