What's In Our Grocery Carts

 Hey friends.  I am linking up with Erika and Shay today for this month's Let Look, What's In Our Grocery Carts. 

I share every so often over on youtube our grocery haul for the week. I thrive to do it weekly but it depends who is home and how much time I have to record. As you can guess from our crazy few months with everyone being sick, it hasn't happened much this year. I did get a chance to record last week and shared everything I bought. 

Check out Grocery Haul Episode 10

Other notes- 

  • This haul was close to $70 and I don't feel like I bought much. 
  • We eat chicken a lot that I buy at Costco. 
  • Other meats we buy on sale, usually at Fresh Thyme or just grab ground turkey at Aldi.
  • Most of our bread products I am making at home. 
  • Kids snacks beyond fruit and what is shown in the video is Goldfish from Amazon and Pirate Booty that my parents buy at Bj's because no where else has been selling it.
  • I bought a lot that didn't get eaten the week before so our fridge was still pretty stocked. Last week our schedule changed for dinners and I am only going shopping for the pure essentials. 
  • Paper products we buy at Costco minus napkins
  • Household cleaners and toiletries are from the wellness box
  • Most of our weekly shopping is done at Aldi. Once a months we usually do Trader Joes, Marc's, Fresh Thyme, and Costco for items we don't like, you can't find, or are on sale.
Final edit:
I did a quick grocery haul yesterday and made a quick video. You can check out Grocery Haul Episode 11 now too. It was a very small haul to get us through the week. 

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  1. I love that you do your grocery hauls on YouTube, that is so neat! I enjoyed watching your most recent one (#11). I absolutely love chicken tacos, such a yummy dinner! I really need to try shopping at Aldi soon. We don't have one super close to us, but I pass one by my parents' house!

    Wishing you a fantastic rest of your week! :)

    Make Life Marvelous


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