What We Ate Week 10

 Hey friends. Sharing out last week of what we ate.


We unthawed the last of the English muffins we had in the freezer and finished those up this week. 

I also made sourdough bagels. We froze half. I either ate either just cream cheese 

or as a sandwich. 


Leftover Choolah.

Last weeks lunches were random. I shredded Brussel sprouts, sauteed with a little Italian dressing and topped with a Chicken sausage. 

A few days I had a shake and a protein bar too. 

One day I also had leftover taco salad.


Sunday- Choolah 

Monday- Turkey burgers from Trader Joes with mushrooms and queso from Costco with fries. 

Tuesday- chicken walking taco 

Wednesday- smash burgers at our neighbors house. 

Thursday - I made sourdough sandwich bread that we made into grilled cheese sandwiches with a can of soup

Friday- Sourdough crust pizza

Saturday - We hosted my nieces birthday party. She requested chicken alfredo. I made garlic Alfredo sauce with chickpea pasta, salad, and bread. 

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