June Current Intentions

 Hey friends. Happy June. My kids have their last day of school today then we are officially on summer break. Less structure, with routines, and lots of fun. Incase you missed it. Last month I switched up how I am tracking my intentions for the month. My monthly intentions were turning into more of a to do list just to be checked off instead of workings my yearly goals. With that I also revamped my yearly goals last month too. You can go back and read all about it in my May Intentions post. 

Again this month I recorded a new video over on Youtube diving deeper into recapping May intentions and sharing my June intentions. I have 12 goals for June: 5 personal, 5 family, and 2 social media based. Be sure to check out the video and subscribe if you haven't already.

June Intentions:

  • Swap 2 items for less toxic items
  • Workout 16x this month
  • Hit 10,000 steps 20x this month
  • Read 5 books
  • New morning routine 4x a week
  • Family fun day
  • Family walk 3x a week
  • Compile summer bucket list and cross off 5 items
  • Make 1 snack a week
  • Cedar Point
  • 6 Youtube videos
  • Instagram 4x a week
Additional links for you video:

Lets Look Back 

2024 Goals (updated April)

  • Replace 2 items each month with less toxic options (from my wellness box)
    • yes 
  • workout 3-4 x a week
    • no
  • connect with Brian
    • yes
  • connect with girlfriends
    • yes
  • declutter 365 items
    • no
  • swap all bread to homemade sourdough
    • working on it
  • read 150 books
    • working on it
  • Intentional family time
    • yes
  • grow social media 
    • yes 
  • learn to make more food from scratch
    • yes 
      • ranch
      • cilantro lime crema
      • oatmeal snacks
      • protein balls
      • muffins

May Intentions

  • Swap 2 items for less toxic- yes (glass cleaner and facial moisturizer)
  • workout 16x this month- no
  • hit 10,000 steps each day- no
  • date night with Brian- yes
  • wine night with girlfriend- yes
  • try 4 new recipes- yes
    • 2 being sourdough- yes
  • read 5 books- yes
  • one on one time- 
    • Ella- yes
    • Austin- yes
    • Anna- yes
  • 6 new youtube videos- no
  • post on Instagram 4x a week- no
  • Attempt homemade butter again- no
  • visit new coffee shop- no
  • plant flowers and veggies.- yes
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