What Brought Me Joy in May

 Hey friends. May is coming to an end. This month has been crazy busy, add in Brian being away for a week with a new job, the adventures of Austin having a broken arm and being in a cast, sports, and all the end of the year school stuff. I don't want to forget these moments in all the craziness.


Austin started the month off having emergency arm surgery for fracturing his arm. He needed 3 pins and a temp cast for a week and a permanent cast for 3 weeks. Now no none of this brought me joy. How strong, understanding, and adjusting Austin was to the situation. Our neighbors stopping by to see him, his best friends writing him cards, his bus driver stopping and having all the kids scream "we miss you Austin", his friends and their families being so understanding and supportive with Austin not being able to do much and the kids being allowed to just sit and play on the tablets with Austin, because there unfortunately isn't much he can do. 

Warm days eating ice cream on the back patio.

It is not "fun" to have to wake up and pick up Ella from her dads early in the morning. But these sunrises lately have been breathtaking. 

Anna is loving soccer this year. She asks everyday how many days until soccer. She only has one more week. 

Ella had her last band concert ever. Last year she played the trumpet, this year she tried out the flute. She loves music but band isn't her thing. 

Austin just looking dapper to go to church with his broken arm. Grandma and Aunt Judy bought him a bunch of button up shirts that he could fit over his cast, otherwise he would be stuck wearing tank tops. Since he had pins in his arm his cast was thicker than normal. Now we have a bunch of nice shirts to wear to church. 

These three girls are going to grow up being the best of friends. We all live across from each other. 

We hosted and celebrated Mother's day with a delicious brunch. 

With a few other couple from our church we had brunch and a guided tour through the Cleveland Museum of art. This was my first time ever going there. I hope to go back and take Ella and Austin, (Anna when she is a little older) 

Our church is having a outdoor pavilion built. Everyone got to help break ground and flip dirt. 

Our first baby deer of the year. He was so young he still had woobly legs. 

Did you know that there are 11 Taylor Swift albums. The last 11 days of school Ella wore a different outfit inspired by a different album. 

Anna had her last day of preschool. It was bittersweet with all 3 kids going to the same preschool for numerous years. They all loved it and we will miss the fun. 

Anna had her fair curled with a curling iron, setting spray, and hairspray for the first time ever for her preschool graduation. 

Anna graduated from Preschool with a cutest ceremony. 

Games and Fun

Magna-tiles have been a favorite in our house forever. But for a while they hadn't played with them. Every day since Austin broke his arm they have been playing with them again. We have a few different sets that the kids have gotten over the years for birthdays and Christmas. They are great for using their imagination, patience, and understanding when it falls. 

This girl and this water table. One day she won't be able to fit in it anymore. 

I found this pool and it has been perfect for Anna. She can either play in it, or sit on the outside and still reach the toys that are on the inside. So much easier to drain than the blow up pools. 

Anna is loving Bloxels. It is meant to use to build your own video game (shh I didn't tell my kids that). Anna has been using it to make her own designs with little cubes. Once Austin gets feeling and movement back in his fingers it will be good for him to work on his pinch grip again. 


I put a pack of tough and tender wipes in my car that I got from the wellness box. They have been great to have on hand while I am sitting in the carpool to wipe down the dash or clean up my car. 


I would love this hung in our house somewhere. 

What brought you Joy this month?

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