May Current Intentions

 Hey friends. Happy May. I usually do this on the first of the month, but it was a rough end of the month and week with Austin breaking his arm and all the fun that comes with that. This is our first child who has ever broken a bone and it has been an adventure for all of us. He is right handed, the temporary cast was so heavy, he couldn't use his arm/hand, couldn't dress himself, get up and down easily, etc. It has been a lot more than I would have ever anticipated with a broken arm. With that my plans have just got switched around. 

I am also switching the way I do my monthly goals/intentions. I have been diving into some personal development and needed some change. I feel like my monthly intentions were becoming more of a to do list just so I could check something off and not working towards my word of the year, which is Intentional, and my goals for the year. While I was diving in I revamped my goals for 2024 as well. 

Before I jump into sharing my new goals and monthly intention. I also made a new youtube video discussing everything in more detail. You can check it out here. My plan is to do a monthly intentions every month sharing my updates goals and how everything is going in more details. So be sure to subscribe. I mentioned in the video 365 day tracker. Right click and save or send me a message and I'll send you the pdf. 

2024 Goals (updated April)

  • Replace 2 items each month with less toxic options (from my wellness box)
  • workout 3-4 x a week
  • connect with Brian
  • connect with girlfriends
  • declutter 365 items
  • swap all bread to homemade sourdough
  • read 150 books
  • Intentional family time
  • grow social media 
  • learn to make more food from scratch

May Intentions

  • Swap 2 items for less toxic
  • workout 16x this month
  • hit 10,000 steps each day
  • date night with Brian
  • wine night with girlfriend
  • try 4 new recipes
    • 2 being sourdoigh
  • read 5 books
  • one on one time
    • Ella
    • Austin
    • Anna
  • 6 new youtube videos
  • post on Instagram 4x a week
  • Attempt homemade butter again
  • visit new coffee shop
  • plant flowers and veggies.

We are going to quickly look back at my old yearly goals and monthyl goals

Look Back at 2024 goals

  • Start budgeting and saving, save $1000 by end of the year In February I ...
    • cancelled MAX 
    • cancelled Instagram subscriptions
    • cancelled Patreon membership
    • put Billie razor account on hold until I need more razors
    • making bagels, English muffins, waffles at home 
    • cancelled The Ladies Edge workouts even though I loved them
    • cancelled Frndly Tv App
    • eat from our freezer
    • not eating out every week
  • Go on monthly date nights with Brian
    • did not happen in April
  • Learn to make homemade chicken and veggie broth that is good
    • made chicken broth
  • Read Bible in one year with Bible Recap and using the study guide
    • doing good with reading the bible and listening to the recap, the study guide has been put on the back burner for the time being. 
  • Connect with more local moms
    • connected with one of Ella's friends mom
  • Declutter one item each day 
    • failed
  • Replace 2 items each month with less toxic options
    • Exceed Tooth Polish (toothpaste) - January
    • Disinfectant that doesn't contain bleach - January
    • Sei Bella Honey and Rose Soothing Foam Cleanser- February
    • Affinia Shampoo & Conditioner- February
    • Dishwasher Rinse aid- March
    • Renew body wash- March
    • Affinia Sweet Cream and Willow Antiperspirant & Deodorant- April
    • Leave in detangler spray- April
  • Workout at least 3x a week 
    • yes
  • Eat less crap that makes me feel like crap, more protein, water, and veggies
    • yes
Look Back at April Intentions


  • date night with Brian- no
  • one on one time with Ella- yes
  • girlfriend time- yes
  • continue working out 4 to 5 days a week- yes
  • get a haircut- n0
  • color my hair- no
  • movie night- yes
  • game night- no
  • do something fun for Spring break- no
  • watch the Eclipse- yes
  • plan family vacation- no
  • eat outside 3x- yes
  • go on a family walk- no
Home Life
  • make spring cleaning list- no
  • start spring cleaning- no
  • purge Austin's room- yes
  • sell/donate items purged- no
  • wash my car- no

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