Friday Favorites

 Hey loves. Happy Friday. The weekend is here. We have had a great week. I have gotten back on track with my early morning schedules that I love. We got notice kids are going back virtually for at least the next two weeks. Our county is in a Stay At Home Advisory which means only go out when needed. Plans have changed for Thanksgiving... but we are looking at the positive. We are all healthy and still going to make it the best year we can. 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

Brian had another helper in the kitchen this week. Last weekend was Audrianna this week was Austin helping with pancakes.

~ TWO ~

This is Audrianna, somewhere I have an identical picture of Ella. 


This week I started a new workout program that uses a step, but not your mom's step aerobics. It is only 20 minutes a day and I am loving it. 

~ FOUR ~

Austin's first school picture. The fake smile and look of just take the picture. 

~ FIVE ~

The last two weeks have been nothing but make-up with Audrianna. Whoever she can get to do make up with her. She is such a girly girl. 

~ SIX ~

Two little cuties have taken over my bed to watch TV. 


We got our first official snow fall with big flakes during the day. It did end up sticking to the grass but melted quickly. This was Audrianna's first time really being away of the snow. She tried to walk out the back door and go play in it. We spend a lot of time looking out the window this day.

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  1. That school photo cracks me up! My son is in high school and I swear he had an almost identical expression on his face. LOL

  2. Austin's school pic is absolutely adorable... I can't handle it hahaha! So sweet! I hope you guys have a great weekend. Our link up is next week but falls on Thanksgiving. Do you want to do it maybe Tuesday or Wednesday instead?


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