Disney Springs

 Hey loves. Happy Monday. I hope you had a great weekend. Today I am sharing more of our vacation from August. Today we are talking all things Disney Springs. We went to Disney Springs two days on vacation

If you missed it you can read about adventure drive to Savannah and the Beach, our amazing Orlando Resort and Florida Fun, a Day of Magic at Magic Kingdom, and Eating Around the World at Epcot. 

Our first visit to Disney Springs. We went on a Sunday afternoon. We went knowing they were going to be busy. We just wanted to do something. From our hotel Disney Springs was only a 6 minute drive. 

The parking garages are awesome with marking how many spots are available and where they are located. This picture doesn't do it justice since all the numbers didn't show up in the picture. 

We actually got parking on the first floor. Then had to take the elevator to the second floor to go through security check point and the walkway to the shopping area. 

First stop was the Lego Store. They were well organized with limiting the number of people in the store, requiring masks and only being able to enter from one door and exit from another door. 

While inside my kids got idea of what they wanted for Christmas, I take pictures of what they like so we can go back and remember later. Austin also wanted a picture with Baby Yoda, his new obsession. 

After the Lego store we wondered around. Bought a new Christmas ornament, this is one of our traditions every time we go to Disney. While in the Christmas store the Florida downpour started. It only last a few minutes. We walked around a little longer then headed back to our hotel. 

Our second day at Disney Springs. This was Thursday afternoon, the day before we left. Brian was able to get our reservations at the Boathouse. Brian and I ate here on our adults only vacation a few years ago and loved it. Their lobster bisque is delicious. 

Brian enjoyed their exclusive beer. 

The kids liked that their meals came in a little car boat. 

Brian then surprised the kids with a ride in the aqua car, the car can drive on land and turns into a boat and goes in the water. Oh and yes we are that family wearing matching clothes. 

The driver of the boat was so informative on the birds around, the car/boat, and very chatty. All while having fun with the kids. It was a relaxing ride I would so do again. Usually the car can hold 3-4 people but since our kids are small and Audrianna sat on our laps we were able to fit all 5 of us. So really it was a once in a lifetime ride for us. 

Austin talked Brian into riding the little merry go round at Disney Springs. He picked this thing he sat on. I was surprised when it started that he started spinning it really fast. 

Audrianna was loving it.

While at Disney Springs we checked out the Star Wars store, M & Ms store, the huge Disney Store and more. After a long week we were ready to head back to the hotel and an early morning hitting the road the following day.

Still to come On The Farm from our vacation. 

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