A Day of Magic

 Hey loves. I am sharing more of our Florida vacation. Today is all about a Day of Magic, aka Magic Kingdom. Are you ready for picture overload. Sorry not sorry. This was Audrianna's first visit to Disney World. I am still sad that they don't have real photo opportunities with any characters. Also why it may seem like I always had my phone in my hand. I promise that was not the case. I really enjoyed being present and watching their faces light up for different things that I did capture. 

 If you missed it you can read about adventure drive to Savannah and the Beach and our amazing Orlando Resort and Florida Fun.

Disclaimer- this trip was no way sponsored by Disney. All opinions are my own. 

We had an early start. Magic Kingdom opened at 9am. To get to Magic Kingdom you have to park at the Ticket and Transportation center and take either the monorail or ferry boat to the entrance of the park. We arrived in the parking lot by 830, walked a good 10 minutes to security. Then go on the Ferry to Magic Kingdom. 

Yes Austin is 6 years old, but has little legs, walks slow and it was easier for us to rent a double stroller than to get around quicker. We have always rented from Kingdom Strollers and love them. We have had no issues, the stroller is always at the pick up location at our hotel when it is suppose to, we get a free rain cover, and always get insurance just incase. The difference between the double and a single stroller isn't much. By renting we didn't have to bring our single jogging stroller from home that would take up a lot of space for our drive, and you also get to take the stroller everywhere with you. Compared to if you rent a hard plastic stroller at the parks you can't take it to your hotel or car with you, and they are not comfortable for anyone. 

When did I get a teenager. We bought her outfit from Jane (Audrianna's too), her hat we bought when we were down there. I am surprised she actually wore it most of the day. Her shoes we also found a Marshalls and got her shoes the night before we went to Magic Kingdom. She had brought her old tennis shoes that ended up being to small. Thankful for having our own car to be able to get around this vacation. 

On the ferry boat on the way to Magic Kingdom. 

When we arrived there was a parade of princesses entering. They stop and wave at the train station (that isn't currently open) 

My little Snow White looking at Snow White. 

The castle, looks so different themed for the 50th anniversary celebration. 

Had to get a family picture. 4 of 5 are smiling I will take it. We asked a group of ladies walking by to take our picture, this avoided all the lines from Disney photographers. Yes I also became the mom with a fanny pack for this vacation. It had my phone, tickets, and wallet in it. Previous vacation we had magic bands and didn't need money or tickets and I use to just stick my phone in my bra (yes I was one of those people) or my jean shorts. 

Audrianna's first ride ever, and our first ride at the park every time is the Tea Cups

The teacups is Brian's least favorite ride because of the spinning. We get it out of the way first thing while it is not to hot out. 

Next up was Dumbo. 

and Barnstormer. 

Audrianna is not tall enough for for Barnstormer so she got to ride Dumbo 3 times while I took Ella and Austin on Barnstormer once and Brian took them once. 

Next we rode Ella's favorite ride, Under the Sea ~ Journey to the Little Mermaid.

Audrianna and I got in line for 45 minutes to ride Winnie the Pooh, which Brian, Ella and Austin went to ride Tomorrowland Speedway.

While we were at Disney World their requirement was to wear masks at all indoor locations, including rides. Audrianna being that she is only the size of a 1 year old, per her doctor is to be looked at as a 1 year old for medical purposes.

Next Audrianna was getting crabby and needed to nurse. We found the nursing room and I went and fed her. Brian took Ella and Austin to ride Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin. I finished feeding at the same time they were getting off the ride.  

We started heading to find a snack and some much needed coffee and saw a mini parade with Pooh, Tigger, and Eeyore. 

We all shared this delicious huge Mickey Mouse cinnamon roll. I swear that anything shaped as Mickey Mouse always tastes better. 

Then another parade went by. 

This one was the Magic Kingdom Cavalcade. 

I swear they were excited to ride the People Mover and see everything from a different view. Part of the ride is inside and part is outside, and it was hot. 

I think this is the only picture Brian and I got of just us at Magic Kingdom. 

Next was a little Princesses naptime. It was the perfect timing as we were heading out of the park for a lunch reservation at a connecting resort. 

We hopped on the ferry boat, so we didn't have to potentially fold up the stroller and headed to my favorite resort. 

The Polynesian Village Resort. 

We had a light lunch at the Kona Cafe. Ella got adventurous and ordered the kids sushi. She eat most of it. I had an ahi tuna bowl and Brian had sushi. 

After wondering around the resort, and doing some gift shopping we headed back to the ticket and transportation center and hoped on the monorail to head back to Magic Kingdom. Austin keeps talking about riding the "train" since the last time we went, which was 3 years ago. This was a great midday break, cool off in the air conditioning plus Audrianna took her much needed nap.

Ella take a cute picture with me, and this is the smile she gives me. 

In line for the Jungle Cruise. The wait time said 50 minutes, we only waited 20.

It was a hot day.

Someone want not thrilled to be riding the Jungle Cruise. 

Up next was Aladdin's Carpet ride. Then Pirates of the Caribbean, Big Thunder Mountain using ride swap. So Ella and I went first and got in line. When we got off Brian and Austin went and used the "fast last/lightening lane" and didn't have to wait in line. Next Brian took Ella and Austin on Splash Mountain while Audrianna and I just walked around. Followed by Haunted Mansion. While we were in line we ordered dinner from Columbia Harbor House.  We got a lobster roll (omg so good), and the kids got chicken fingers and fries. 

I may not be a big fan of It's A Small World, but I feel like you have to ride it. It was my mom's favorite ride when she use to go to Disney over 30 years ago. It was our last family ride of the night. Brian took Ella and Austin to ride Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, while Audrianna and I rode Dumbo, Tea Cups, and got popcorn.

The best part of the night, Disney fireworks. We watched from behind the castle were it wasn't as crazy. No you don't get the whole view but it was still amazing. 

It was a long day of opening the park and there until after closing. The park closed at 9, we were heading out around 945. We had a good 30 minute wait to get on the ferry back to the ticket and transportation center to walk to our car. 

Overall we had a great day at Magic Kingdom, even with not being able to take pictures with characters, not eating a Dole Whip, and no full parades. We still have memories to share.

Still to come Eating Around the World, Disney Springs, and On the Farm. 

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  1. We are going in December and these pics are making me so excited!!! It really is the happiest place on Earth

    1. that will be so fun. I would love to go around Christmas. We usually go late August or early September and I have been once in late april.


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