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 Hey loves. Today I am sharing more of our Florida road trip vacation that my family took the end of August. Last week I shared about our eventful drive to Savannah, the beach and more. If you missed it you can read about Savannah and the Beach

This post is no way sponsored (I wish) The photos were also taken after we had unpacked at the hotel on our second day, so don't mind our mess. We stayed at a Grande Villas Resort by  Diamond Resort. Brian had actually won a seven night vacation with a vacation club from work a few years ago. We had booked our vacation a few times but had to postpone and switch resorts due to high risk complications in my last pregnancy that I couldn't travel and Covid. After looking up this resort, it seems like you have to be a Diamond Resort Vacation Club Member to be able to book from their main website.. However I was able to find where you can book HERE from another website.

The resort was wonderful, all the staff were friendly, we had no issues, everything was clean, and we would stay here again if we had the chance. 

Our room was a two bedroom, two bathroom suite. It was so spacious, the kids had space to run around, we didn't feel like we were on top of each other, there was plenty of space. When you first walked was the foyer with a utility closet to the side that had a space to hang coats if needed, a broom and vaccum. 

Our room also had an in-suite washer and dryer. It was wonderful to have, especially with the kids getting sick the first day. I also washed clothes so we didn't have all our dirty clothes to do when we got home. That was heavenly. 

Having a full size kitchen was great. Every morning we made breakfast, this helped save money and we knew we were starting off the day on the right foot. We also made dinner a few times. 

We don't have a dishwasher at home currently so have a dish washer on vacation was nice. It makes me want one every more. My favorite part of the kitchen was it was had a full size blender. I used it everyday making my shakes instead of using my travel blender that I brought with us. 

Full size dining room for our meals was nice. The one thing I didn't like was that the table was all glass. With kids I worry that someone is going to break it, and the finger prints on the top and bottom. Thankfully housekeeping doesn't come in everyday and to clean. (You can have your towels swapped if needed and they only come every 7 days otherwise) 

The living room had a sleeper sofa, which was actually pretty comfy. There is a tv and a dvd player. 

One of the bathrooms, nothing special. 

The kids room with two single beds and a tv. 

The master had a king bed, now I want a king at home too. 

The master bathroom. Through door is a toilet and stand up shower. 

My favorite part was this huge tub. I only got to use it once, and then the kids joined me. After our long days I passed out while putting Audrianna to bed. 

Brian enjoyed our patio. He could be found out there morning and night relaxing. I love that the patio was screen in, no bugs and the kids couldn't throw anything down and didn't have to worry about the kids climbing on a chair and falling. 

Our view from the patio was the turtle pool.

Grande Villa Resort has two pools, a turtle and a whale pool. Both pools also had hot tubs, and the turtle pool has a fenced off kiddie area too. The turtle pool had most of the activities like movie night, dj, games, etc. The whale pool usually had less people so we hung out there, everyday. 

My kids love swimming. If they had a choice they would be in the pool all day everyday. 

The Grand Villa Resort also had a sister resort across the street Cypress Pointe Resort. Guests from both resorts can use the amenities of both resorts. At Cypress Point they had a volcano pool with a slide. We went to it once their pool once to check it out. Unfortunately Austin was to small for their slide. The pool was a lot larger though. 

Overall we loved the resort. It was 10-15 minutes from the Disney parks, but not a lot of traffic from the parks. Stores and restaurants were close by. It was really the perfect location. We would stay there again and would recommend it to our families and friends.

With staying at this great resort, and going to Disney World 2 days (more on that soon) we didn't do to much more in Florida. We did drive around some and saw... no alligators. 

We went to a nature reserve that had a few turtles. We had planned on walking to find an alligator but that trails were not stroller approved. 

We went driving around looking at different neighborhoods to one day move to Florida. (I am talking like after the kids graduate high school)

I loved all the lily pads but didn't see or hear any frogs either. 

Lets not forget about all the hidden Mickey's.

And the not so hidden Mickeys in the power lines. 

Check back tomorrow for our first day at Disney World, Magic Kingdom.

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