Friday Favorites December 15

 Hey loves. Happy Friday. This has felt like such a short week. I have been trying to get so much done and feel like I am running in place with a head cut off like a chicken getting nothing, or at least not enough done. Next week Anna is off on break, and we have so many other events, plus all our presents to wrap. 10 days is going to come quick. This weekend the plan is to breathe and enjoy the time with my kids doing some holiday fun. 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

Last weekend we celebrated Brian's birthday with a date night and some Christmas shopping. 

I love the gift we got him off Etsy. 

~ TWO ~

We hosted a Gingerbread making party with two other neighbors. We had 6 kids and 4 adults. I am happily surprised by the way they turned out, the kids did awesome and there were no meltdowns. 

We had 6 different houses for them to pick and make. Some were easier than others. 


Brian finished the decorations outside. This year we added more lights around the windows that use to be blocked by plants. You can see our Holiday Home Tour 2024 herehere

~ FOUR ~

It isn't very often that Austin wants to cuddle with mom in the morning. I will take it when I can get it. 

~ FIVE ~

I finished all my Christmas shopping with the help of my princess. I really want to know who is buying this $350 stuffed dinosaur? Both our local Kohls have one. 

~ SIX ~

Ella had her first band concert playing the flute and her last. Last year she played the trumpet then switched to flute over the summer. Now she has decided she doesn't want to be in band anymore. I am sad to see our band journey ending, at least with Ella. 


Coffee and cookies with Anna and dad. She liked to dip her cookies in her dads coffee. She just likes to drink my coffee. 

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  1. Brian's gift is so cute! That gingerbread decorating night sounds like so much fun and yay for no meltdowns. That is always a huge favorite when you have younger kids!


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