Weekend Wrap Up- Holiday and Brian's Birthday fun

 Hey loves. This month is flying by. I know we all say it. Brian's birthday was this past weekend and it is the harsh reality that Christmas is less than two weeks away. It's the rush to get everything done before the kids are out of school and all the school events. Over the weekend we celebrated Brian's birthday, and had some holiday fun.

Thursday December 7th (yes i know Thursday is not the weekend)

Lunch date with a girlfriend and our youngest daughters for sushi. I ordered Anna chicken teriyaki because they didn't have a kids menu and hoped she would eat something.  She did not eat anything. 

After dinner I made an appointment at Cabela's to get the kids picture taken with Santa. There was no one else there, even if we didn't have an appointment. Santa was awesome, and jolly. Their may have been bribery of a coloring book and candy cane to get a little girl to smile. (If you have a Cabela's by you, their pictures are free for one 4x6 photo and a digital copy is only $15) 

Possible blackmail but he willingly put on the pink hat. Ella thinks she a cowgirl with a candy cane in her mouth. 

Dropping off our letters to Santa. We go to the same place every year in Avon where you drop off your letter in a self addressed stamped envelope and Santa writes a letter back. (deadline was December 8th) 

We had a quick visit to Petitis garden center and Anna picked her favorite tree and asked for a picture. On the way home we drove around and looked at some Christmas lights. 

Friday December 8th

A random morning that I was up early and did some reading while enjoying the lights on the tree. 

Anna was in a cute cuddly mood with Brian for his birthday. 

While the kids were in school, so really from 1 to 330 Brian and I did some Christmas shopping.

After school the kids gave Brian his birthday present that I ordered off Etsy

Date night for Brian's birthday. We ended up at Kitchen Social at the bar. The food and the service was awesome. To start we had crispy Thai shrimp and my drink was 

My entre was a tuna bowl.  

Dessert was brown butter cake. Brian isn't a fan of cake but he really liked this cake. 

After dinner we walked around Crocker Park and did some more Christmas shopping

Saturday December 9th

My kids spend the night at my parents house. Brian and I slept amazing and even slept in. We woke up around 730 and went out to breakfast then some more Christmas shopping. We went in two different cars because Austin had an eye doctors appointment at Costco. Brian took him to the appointment and I stayed at my parents houses to get all their Christmas stuff out of their attic. 

The rest of the after noon I took a nap because I felt like I got to much sleep, crazy how that works. Brian finished the outside Christmas lights. 

When it was dark I tried taking pictures around the house of all the decorations. Some little cutie wanted in half them. 

We hosted a gingerbread house making night an invited our two neighbors and their kids. I moved the toys into the living room for the littles to play while the parents hung out in the kitchen. 

Isn't he a little ham. He was so content and well behaved.

6 kids with 6 different gingerbread houses. It went really well. Some houses were easier to make than others. The consistency of the frosting was different. One house you had to cut the cookie to make the house. 

They all had fun and there were no meltdowns or fighting. and not much of a mess either. 

After everyone went home I asked Anna to pick out a pair of pajamas. I go upstairs to her room and find all her pajamas laying on her floor so she could decide which one she wanted to wear. 

Sunday December 10th 

I took no pictures on Sunday. I enjoyed the day with my family and full present and not being on the phone. 

Sunday morning we went out to church and the kids went to Sunday school afterwards. After Sunday school we went and had ice cream to celebrate Brian's birthday with the kids. 

We relaxed at home for a little while then headed across the street to watch the Browns game. We were there not even 15 minutes then Anna got sick so I took her home. We relaxed until the game was over then headed to Brian's mom's house to celebrate Brian's birthday with his family. We had dinner and pie. Then it was home for baths and bedtime. 

The weekend went by way to quick and it felt like we were a lot busier than we were. 

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  1. It sounds like you had a great weekend! I took my kids to Cabela's for the first time this year and there wasn't a line for us either. It was funny because my eldest child never stops talking, but when we went up to Santa he was silent the whole time. He's almost 5 but he hasn't met Santa since he was 1.


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