The joy of teething is here. Aubriella already has one tooth on the bottom. She has two teeth up top starting to come through. You can see the whiteness of the tooth but you still feel some gum covering over it. Along with the teeth comes the running nose, crabby, cuddle baby. Which also equals nothing else gets done.

Aubriella's favorite thing to chew on to ease the pain is her toothbrush. I will give her tylenol if need be but try not to. I have the teething tablets and the Oregel for her gums if it gets to bad. Wish me Luck.




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  1. awww, i remember those days so well. :) have you tried the teething rings that freeze? my girls liked them. i think the cold felt really good on their gums. Enjoy the snuggle time, its so special. hope she's feeling well soon.


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