15 Months

Last week Aubriella had her 15 month wellness appointment. We were running a little late, so we were taken in right away. We took her to get weighed and her height checked. While waiting for the doctor come in and examine her she decided she wasn't going to sit still. Aubriella decided to run around the room and play in the little girl in the mirror. (Not a big fan of it being behind the door. I was nervous they were going to come in the room when she was standing there and hit her with the door)
Age: 15 months
Weight: 25 lbs 6.4oz (85 percentile)
Height: 2 foot 7.5inches (75 percentile)
- Aubriella is walking all over the place, but still will crazy if she wants to get there faster.
- She has turned into a chatty Cathy. The house is never quite, if it is you go find what she is getting into.
- Aubriella loves to go buy. She gets all excited to get dressed and put her shoes and leave the house. She doesn't like coming home. When we are done shopping or doing whatever it can be a fight to get her in the carseat.
- Her ears looked good. She had been in the office the week before since she kept falling while she was walking around the house. There was a lot of build up of wax in her ears and they wouldn't tell if she had an ear infection or not. They gave us drops to put in her ears every night and antibiotics just incase.
- The doctor also said she is gorgeous, looks great, and is very curious.
- She is still drinking milk out of the bottle, but does juice and water from a sippy cup. If we are out to eat she does drink out of a straw.
- Aubriella has her bully moments. She will hit and push down her cousin Claudia. She also gets jealous and I can't hold Claudia without her at my side.

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