First trip to Disney

Where do I start? I had so much fun on my first real vacation to Disney World. My parents did take me once when I was 2 years old but that was 27 years ago and I don't remember anything, plus everything has changed so much in that time. When Brian surprised me with my plane ticket for my birthday I was so excited to be going and nervous to be leaving Ella at home with my parents for a week (I know I am a horrible mom.) The countdown began.

We flew out of Cleveland Hopkins airport at 6:30am. We were lucky to get bumped up to the faster lane through security and everything went smoothly. Can you tell we were excited to go? 

We had a layover in Chicago. Flying into Chicago was very picture perfect. The view of the city is gorgeous. I plan to one day (hopefully soon) visit Chicago. 

At the Midway airport the bathroom signs caught my attention. They don't say "restroom" or "bathroom" they say "Toilets" I think that is so weird. Out of the 4 airports we were at on this trip it was the only one that was weird. 

After our short layover we are off to Orlando airport to hop on the Disney Magic Bus. It was so nice to not have to pay for a taxi or rent a car to get from the airport to the hotel. We got to relax on a 40 minute drive to the hotel in air conditioned and comfy seats. 

We stayed at the Caribbean Beach resort on Disney property and loved it. All the details on the resort will come in a few days.

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