36 weeks and a birthday

Yesterday I was finally 36 weeks. We have hit the much awaited mark of keeping Austin inside my belly. We succeeded. So whenever Austin decides he is done cooking we are in the clear. They will not try to stop my labor and I have had all the shots and tests done. There is no guarantee that he won't be in the NICU but a lesser chance, and hopefully wouldn't be for long. We also decided that I am not going back to work until after Austin is born. We have determined to much stress and excitement causes me more contractions and we still want Austin to stay in as long as possible.

36 Weeks
Time for some pregnancy highlights for this week.
How Far Along Are You: 36 weeks
Size of Baby according to the bump: Honeydew
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 16 pounds
Maternity Clothes: Stole a cute shirt from my sister that works as a maternity shirt and wore my dress
Gender: Its a boy
Movement: All the time. He doesn't like when Brian rubs my belly in a circle
Sleep: not getting up as much during the night
Cravings: wings and pickles and rootbeer floats
Symptoms: contractions, pressure, movement, mucus plug keeps getting lost
Best Moment (s) this week: Went to the dr and I am still at 4cm. but we are in the safe zone if I go into labor now. What a huge relief. 

Yesterday was also my birthday. I can't believe I am 30 already. The bad thing is since I didn't really do to much for my birthday I don't feel like I got older. Years ago I traveled on my birthday and spent most of the day in the airport. I kept giving everyone the wrong age. 
For my birthday I had the luxury of having a quite house to myself in the morning. Brian was at work and Aubriella had a sleep over at Grandma's. I woke up at 5:30 then went back to sleep at 7. Then didn't get up again until 10. Watched my show "Mistresses" since I can't watch that when Ella is home. I eventually got ready treated myself to Chick-fil-la for lunch then went and got my stickers. (I know nothing like waiting until the last minute. I kept forgetting. I blame it on pregnancy brain.) Then I had a drs appointment and went to my parents to celebrate.
We had bbq chicken, corn on the cob, macaroni salad and pasta salad for dinner. Also an ice cream cake. All of which I had requested. Then it was present time. 
My mom got me both the hand mixer so I can make cakes and mashed potatoes and the hand blender so I can make soups and who knows what else. 
Aubriella bought me some opal earrings. Her birthday is in October and she is still making up for "packing" all my jewelry that hasn't been found and potentially could have been thrown away. 

Brian got me a Pandora bracelet and 3 charms. The first heart is cause he loves me. The "Love" with the mickey ears are because I love Disney. The heard with the hand print and "it's a boy" is because we are having a boy. I love the each charm has so much meaning to me. 

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