Friday Favorites- Christmas Gifts Edition

I'm back for another blog hop with Erika, Narci, and Andrea for some Friday Favorites. My theme for this week is Christmas presents. 

Austin got so many presents this year, not like that is going to be different than any other year lets be realistic. One of his favorite toys is this car skytower that Santa brought him. I just need to find more cars that are the right size to go down it.

The week before Christmas Ella and I had a little "puff" where she said she didn't like living with me cause I didn't have a doll house for her to play with. Well what do you know Santa brought her a doll house. It really has been a great investment. She spends hours playing with. You can't tell by this photo but it was 3' high, 5' long and is double sided with 8 rooms. Santa didn't take into consideration how large it was but well worth having to rearrange her room for her happy smile. 

Now onto me. I didn't ask for it but I much needed a new warm winter jacket. My mom surprised me with this one. I love it and it is so warm. I am guilty of leaving the house just with a tank top underneath my coat and I have yet to be cold.

Brian got my the Amazon firestick. I originally wanted it just to watch Netflix on, but then I have found so much more to use it for. My excitement when I found that I could stream my workouts from Beachbody on Demand to my tv, ahhhh. Now I do all my workouts in the living room, or I can take it into the bedroom, No more fussing with my laptop that has a mind of its own. 

My sister got me this gorgeous Snow White sweater. I had been wearing the same Mickey Mouse sweater every day in the house. Now I have options and this is so pretty and fancy I can wear it out and about and not feel like a bum.

This has to be my favorite thing I got for Christmas. It is the most memorable, cherished and even made me cry. My mom had this necklace made for me with a picture of Aubriella, Brian and Austin on it. Now I can have them with me at all times and close to my heart.

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