Snow Day with Ice Cream

I have to start off by saying sorry not sorry for all the pictures. 

Yesterday was an official snow day. We got about 6-7 inches and school was cancelled for Ella. She was so excited to get the chance to finally build a snow man and make a snow angel. We decided that her and Brian would build one when he got home from work. He scheduled his day accordingly so he would be home when it was still daylight. The perks of being your own boss. 

I was scrolling through Pinterest and found a recipe to make snow ice cream. Ella was so excited to make it. It really was easy.

It went from making ice cream to building snow men with the let over snow. I just grabbed a bowl full and didn't measure until we made it.

I made mine into chocolate ice cream. Everything is better with chocolate. 

5-8 cups snow (clean)
1 cup milk
1/2 cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp cocoa powder (optional)

Put 3 cups of snow in a large bowl
Mix in milk, sugar and vanilla
Add more snow. Mix until it is a thicker consistency of your preference

As soon as Brian walked in the door Ella ran to her room and got her snow clothes out. You couldn't tell she was excited or anything. 

After Brian and Ella went outside Austin kept going over to the patio door and trying to escape. I decided to go put him in his cute little snow suit and let him outside to play in the snow for the first time EVER.

He honestly had so much fun. He kept getting up and walking in it then falling. The snow was just a little to deep for him.

He wasn't fazed by the cold at all. Well until he took his glove off. Then it was time to get him back in the house and warm him up.

Ella and Brian had the intention of building a snowman. Unforunately the snow would not pack enough to make a snowman. It also didn't help that Ella kept running and jumping in tile that Brian made. All that matters is they were having fun.

I just have to show you the back of this snow suit. It is so cute. We are borrowing it from my aunt, so it is possibly a girls snow suit. Oh well it still works. I love the little tail on it.

Ella loves making snow angels. She talks about it all year round until she finally gets to do it. The kids and Brian had so much fun playing outside yesterday. They plan on doing it again today. We got more snow last night. When Brian shoveled this morning he said it was a lot heavier than what is was yesterday. Hopefully it will be better for Mr. Snowman Ella wants to build. 

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