18 months

My happy little man is 18 months. It isn't reality. When they say kids grow up so fast you don't believe it until it really happens. Yesterday he had his 18 month wellness appointment. His official 18 months was January 15th. We got the best news of a great bill of health. No issues to be concerned about, no referrals to specialist, no major problem or issues to be concerned about. 

Austin is:
- 24 lbs and 9oz. He is in the 50%
- 32 inches tall 45%

We got this picture back from Breakfast with Santa. He is not a fan of men with beards period. Giving him to Santa was the end of the world.

Every kid has an obsession with my cowgirl boots. I have pictures of Ella and my niece Claudia wearing my boots when they were little. 

Mr Calvin Klein

Austin loves the snow. He points at the window and says snow all the time when it is snowing out. He also loved going outside in his little ommpa loompa snowsuit. 

Austin is doing awesome with feeding himself and using a fork. We are still working on the spoon. Our big struggle right now with food is he doesn't want to eat much/if any protein. If it's a good day he will eat some of an egg. Any sort of ground beef or turkey, good luck he is going to spit it out. Chicken and fish he likes to chew up then spit it out. He will eat beans but not 2 days in a row. Sometimes he will eat some quinoa, others time not happening. He is just a stubborn butt. The doctor said not to be concerned just keep giving it to him and hopefully eventually he will go back to eating it.
We are still working on the bottle. I was afraid to take it away with him not eating meat then he wouldn't be drinking milk either. Again the doctor said it isn't a concern. He will be fine. (but i may not be fine. I don't want my little man growing up)

Austin loves to workout with me. Here is he dancing around the house with me doing Country Heat. At times he wants held while I'm working out. Other times he just does it along with me. On Sunday night during the Superbowl. I was doing commerical workouts, based on the commerical. Every time I was doing crunches he was sitting on my stomach, during push-ups he was on Ella's back, when I was doing jumping jacks he was jumping around, and when doing burpees he was doing low squats. It was cute. 

Austin loves his sister so much. When she isn't home he will knock on her door and yell Ella. When he wakes up he sometimes goes in her room, climbs up on her bed and gives her a kiss. Numerous times a day they are hugging and kissing. They are so cute.

A few randoms:
- still wearing size 4 diapers
- mostly in 24 months and 2t clothes
- favorite food is fruit
- is a daddy's boy
- loves watching the garbage trucks out the front window
- is still a climber
- favorite things are "fishy" and "mickey"

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