Day Date

Last weekend Ella wanted to do something fun. She wanted a family date day, but Brian had work planned that he couldn't change. Instead I did a day date just the kids and me. We started off by going out to lunch. I gave Ella a few options to choose from. She picked Steak and Shake. We don't go out to eat often, and it has been years since I have taken Ella to Steak and Shake. I told her they had milk shakes and she was hooked. 

She loved the little cardboard car she got to make and put stickers all over it. 

Austin played with her car for a little bit then tore it apart. He wasn't a fan of the hat, even though he looks adorable wearing it. 

I let Ella get a Oreo Cookie milkshake. She was so excited but barely ended up drinking any of it. She liked her big girl water better. 

Austin got Mac and Cheese and Applesauce to eat. 

Ella got a hot dog, without the bun, applesauce, and shared fries with her brother. She ended up eating all her applesauce, some of the fries and has two bites of the hot dog and didn't like it. I gave her some of the mac and cheese to eat then. 

I had this grilled chicken taco salad. It was delicious and filling. I forgot to ask for dressing on the side though. 
After lunch we went shopping at the Home Store. Then surprised everyone and went to Memaw's and Papaws for a few hours for the kids to play. They haven't really seen my mom since she had surgery the end of January. 
We ended the day by going to Brian's parents house for his Aunt's birthday. It ended up being a fun Saturday.

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