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Happy Friday, Friends!!!! I have only thought it was Friday 3x already this week, when it wasn't. Holiday weeks always make things more crazy during the week and forgetful of what day it really is. I planned for a 5 day week and forgot it was only 4 days. No one to blame but myself. I am happy that it is Friday though. 

Time for another week of linking up with ErikaNarci, and Andrea for some Friday Favorite, just some randomness of the past week.

I had a new Girl Scout Troop leader meeting this week. I decided to pull out a dress to wear. Partly for the #10dayofdresstember challenge and partly since I am trying to not live in yoga pants. Ella told me I looked fancy.

This week Ella had her first cheerleading game. It was the only weeknight game, and actually got pretty cold, you could see your breath.

We didn't get the memo that her shirt was supposed to be white. Opps.

The only stylist girl wearing sunglasses so she could see. After the game Ella said she loved cheerleading and it was awesome. It only took 3 weeks for her to finally like it. Now all her games are on Saturday mornings. 

Wednesday was the first day that Austin spent the whole day with Memaw so I could get some work done. (I didn't get much work done, but enjoyed some shopping by myself) Thursday all Austin wanted to do was hug, cuddle, play together, and watch Choo-Choo. He must have missed me.

My wild man turns everything into a seat, step, or makes his own toy out of it. 

Hope you have a fabulous weekend. It will be another busy one with sports, birthday parties, and trying to organize my house some more.

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