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Happy Tuesday. It's time for some Show and Tell with Andrea from Momfessionals. This use to be my favorite day when I was in Kindergarten. Now I don't think most schools have any sort of Show and Tell. Today's topic is Favorite Holiday. The major Holidays are just around the corner and I have a love for all of them for different reasons. 
My favorite holiday though would have to be Christmas. It has nothing to do with getting gifts, or buying gifts (which I hate both). If you would have asked me 20 years ago I loved Christmas because I was in my own world and loved getting gifts and having off school. Now I love Christmas for the memories, the traditions, the looks on my kids faces, the food, the fun, the smells, the lights.... 

Our holidays are hectic with having to split Ella with her father. Plus Brian and I also have huge families and try to make time for everyone. We have tried to start new traditions with our own little family to be able to include everyone, like decorating the tree on Thanksgivings morning while watching the Macy's parade every other year. This year I think we are going to hold off since I have a professional undecorater, I dont want to put up the tree to early. Ella does always get to put our Mickey and Minnie Star on our tree.

Like many families we have the tradition of Elf on the Shelf. I started it when Ella was a year. His name is Gus Gus. This year he needs to be on the ball with moving each night with two kids who are very observant. 

Another one of our traditions is building a Gingerbread House. I suck at them, never have been any good. This is were Brian and Ella really bond. He is awesome with building (his architect background helps). We also bake lots of cookies and desserts. Everyone gets to help, give opinions, and eat them all. 

Who came up with the idea of making your kids take a picture with a "fat guy in a red suit that is a stranger"? They always turn out so cute though, even when the kids are screaming, or looking the other way. It is like a tradition you have to do. (We don't always do the Easter Bunny, but Santa is a must) 

Being the main helper for Santa and picking presents for everyone, I get overwhelmed and frustrated. Every year I say I am not going to help pick so many toys or stuff they don't need. My kids already have way too many toys (Who wants to come help me purge through their toys). But the gifts under the tree seem to get bigger and bigger every year. This year I am really trying to stick to a budget and not buy as many toys they don't need. I want more experiences, like a Zoo membership to go more often or the Science Center would be fun too. 

I am that mom. We all have matching Disney pj's that we take a family photo in front of our Christmas tree every year. 

Austin gets new pj's every year since he is growing like a weed though.

Here are a few other traditions we do every year:
- driving around looking at Christmas lights. 
- decorate our house for the holidays, inside and out
- 25 days of Christmas books (kids open one book each night)
- lots of Christmas movies
- lots and lots of family time
- Christmas music non-stop, ok not really but I would if Brian wouldn't kill me

I can't wait for the Christmas season to start. (Hallmark Christmas movies start this weeeknd) What is your Favorite Holiday? What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions?

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