8 Secrets to Cleaning and Organizing with Kids

Happy Monday!!! I had a very relaxed, low-key, and somewhat boring weekend. I did do some grocery shopping and went to my in-laws for steak dinner yesterday. Most of my weekend consisted on watching Hallmark Christmas movies, cuddles, and watching the snow fall. (none of it stuck though) 

Today's blog post is my first ever guest post. Sophia Evens is the owner of Tidy London Cleaning and guest posts for many blogs giving parents cleaning and organizing tips. Who couldn't use a little help in that area. I know I sure can. Now if I could just get someone to come purge all my kids toys for me that would be great. 

8 Secrets to cleaning and organizing with kids

1. Involve your kids in the cleaning

Even though it may be very hard to keep your home’s condition sanitized and tidy especially if you have kids around, it is not anything impossible. Every problem has a solution and I am here to offer you such. I suggest that you make your children part of the cleaning sessions and you will see how helpful they can be. Get your kids involved and make your life easier and your home cleaner.

2. The younger, the better

Most kids love to help their parents because at the end they feel proud and responsible. If cleaning and tidying up are part of their duties, they will learn quickly how to be productive and realize that they are just as essential as the rest of the family members. Thanks to their help, the whole household will run on wheels. However, the most important thing is to pick up chores which are within their capability and their age. The sooner they start taking part in the chores, the more responsible they will be as grown ups. 

3. Be realistic

Do not expect your children to be perfect in cleaning or organizing. They weren’t born taught so you are the one who needs to take care of this. Most preschoolers do not have the necessary coordination to straighten the sheets, for example, or most of them do not even think that it is part of their duties. Show them how to do it and encourage them every morning for putting efforts.

4. Be specific when giving orders

If you want your children to be productive and helpful, do your best to give simple instructions. If you say “Clean your room” there is a big chance that your kids will not be familiar with what you expect from them. Instead try “Put away all your toys in the basket”.

5. Visualize your instructions

Researches show that kids find it easier to “read” pictures rather than listening and understanding orders. For example, attach a picture of a specific toy that needs to be put in a basket. This way it will be much easier for your children to figure out what goes where.

6. Set limits

As you know deep cleaning the house is a lot easier when is already de-cluttered and tidied up. Children love toys, of different types, sizes and materials. However, try to keep them under control by organizing them in baskets. If there are not any more baskets to fill in, well, this is a clear sight that you should stop buying more toys. Help your kids choose their favorite ones and store away or donate to charity the rest of them. The advantage of this step is that they will learn to be more organized in future.

7. Turn the cleaning into fun

Make cleaning duties fun by thinking out games. Since kids love playing games, give your little ones a task to pick up all the toys from the floor. You may ask “What’s funny about this?”. Well, the hidden difficulty would be to do it on time. Set time limits, for instance, they have to get the task done by the end of a song. If they succeed in completing this task on time, you need to motivate them...by dancing together or giving them an award!

8. Appreciate their efforts

Every parent must be supportive. Even if a chore is not done in the way you expect, it is not the end of the world. Show them love and thank them. Next time do the chore together, so they can learn how to do it accordingly.

These are some great tips to getting kids to help clean and organize the house. I have noticed that if there is too much of a mess, aka way too many toys out, my daughter (6) doesn't even know where to start. My son (2) will help clean up toys and put them in the baskets but I don't expect him to separate the cars, trains, little people, etc. at least they get picked off the floor. 

Tomorrow I will be back with Show and Tell - Serving Others.

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