Progress in a Week- Week 4

Week 4 started off great. I was back to getting up at 5am, getting my workouts done, eating was on track. Wednesday evening I started not feeling well. Thursday morning went down hill with an ride in an ambulance to the hospital. Since then I haven't gotten back on track.

Monday (2-5-18)

Never Miss A Monday it gets you back on the right track for a productive week. Got up with my alarm at 5am, got my workout done. 

Tuesday (2-6-18)

This day didn't go as planned. I didn't get my workout done until 9 at night. Not my plan, but got it done. 

Wednesday (2-7-18)

I didn't let a late workout the day before stop me from getting up at 5am and getting my workout done. I switched up my morning breakfast. Some days you just want avocado on your eggs. 

Thursday (2-8-18)

I slept on the couch in the fetal position most of the night cramping. By 7am I was not feeling well and getting sick. By 9am I was on the bathroom floor in horrible pain and showing signs it was my appendix. Brian called 911 and I was taken to the hospital. After many bathroom trips and pain meds the pain subsided. I then had an cat scan that showed irritation and swelling as if I had a kidney stone, but it had passed. After 6 hours in the hospital they sent me home with some meds saying I probably passed a kidney stone to follow up with my dr the next day. I had never previously had a kidney stone but they are hereditary and both my parents and sister have had numerous stones. Even a healthy diet can't always prevent hereditary problems. 

Friday (2-9-18)

Friday we followed up with my primary care doctor. He ran some more tests and determined that I also had a UTI, even though the hospital said I didn't have one the day before. I was sent home with more meds and told to relax in a few days things would be feeling better.

Sunday (2-10-18)

Sunday was the last day of Phase 1. It was time for measurements, weight, and photos. I hate to admit that earlier in the week I took some measurements and weight to see if anything had changed. On Wednesday my weight was down 4.8 lbs on Sunday it went back up some. My measurements were still low though. I didn't notice a difference in my photos though. I blame this to being pumped with fluid at the hospital, missing workouts, not eating my best, and being constipated (tmi sorry). I will still take this as a win. 

Some Food From Last Week

Chili Lettuce Wrap

Slow Cooker Chicken/beans/tomato's broccoli, brown rice

Scrambled eggs with avocado, tomato, and whole grain toast

Week 5 Dinner Menu:

Monday- Shrimp Stir Fry with Brown Rice
Tuesday- Coconut chicken tacos with corn tortillas
Wednesday- Ground Turkey homemade tomato sauce with whole wheat pasta with a side salad
Thursday- Turkey Sausage Broccoli and Sweet Potatoes
Friday- Ella surprise dinner, I will find something on the menu to stay on track
Saturday- Steak/Lobster Tail, Asparagus, Quinoa
Sunday- Orange Chicken with green beans and quinoa

I have missed 5 workouts. I am finally started to feel better, getting back on track with my nutrition and water intake. I am still having to drink a glass of prune juice a day, and a glass of cranberry juice (per recommendations). I am hoping to try and modify a workout today. 

I have never had a kidney stone or uti before and boy they are not any fun. You don't realize how much they wreck havoc on your whole system and take time to recover. 

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