Weekend Wrap-Up

Who would have ever thought I would say I am happy for MONDAY!!!! We had such a crazy busy, stressful weekend and I am ready to get back to some sort of routine and relax some. I had all the intentions of waking up at 5am and getting back into my morning routine and workout. The alarm went off and I felt like crap, decided to lay there for a few more minutes. Well I fell back asleep and woke up at 6:50, just enough time to get up and get ready to go get Ella. Obviously my day hasn't gone as planned. It is 10am and I am still drinking my first cup of now cold coffee. I am not going to let that effect the rest of my week.

Friday I got my first ever shipment from Perfectly Imperfect Produce. It is a local out of Cleveland. They rescues produce that would have normally gone to waste because it doesn't look perfect, but is still delicious. I got this small box for $15. It came with a pineapple, green grapes, lemons, small potatoes, eggplant, golden beets, onion, and zucchini. I made my menu for this week based on the produce I received. I highly recommend this company if you are in the Cleveland Ohio area.

Friday night was also Girl Scouts World Friendship Fair. We had 8 out of 9 girls attend. All of them got pinned with the World Trefoil pin on stage, then enjoyed learning about other countries. It was a fun experience for everyone. 

Saturday morning Austin got to see the Easter bunny at our local AmVets. He sat on his lap, but wouldn't put his hands down. This is a step up from last years screams. 

He also participated in a small little Easter egg hunt. Each kid got 6 eggs each that had money in then. Austin ended up coming home with close to $7. He had lots of fun find the eggs. 

The Easter Bunny spoiled Austin with a kite, bubbles, play doh, and candy. 

After the Easter Bunny we went home. Austin took his nap and I organized their Easter baskets to see what I still needed to buy. Then I headed off to Target by myself. I got lost in that store for over an hour it was wonderful. I came home finished their baskets. I ended up taking an amazing much needed nap. 

Saturday evening I helped with my niece Claudia's 6th birthday party at a local bowling alley. There ended up being 16 kids. They all had a lot of fun.

My enjoyment for the evening was spending time with these two amazing friends. 

Sunday morning started off like a typical Sunday. Homemade Minnie Mouse waffles for breakfast, menu planning, and grocery shopping. After wards Brian headed out to show some houses. Austin and I played with the new play doh he got from the Easter bunny for over a half an hour.
That afternoon I had a Girl Scout cookie meeting. All the money was due so we got together to count everything, figure out our deposit, and make sure everything equaled up. Three and a half hours later, after much stress we figured it all out. 
Then it was home to head out again to go have dinner, girl chat, and finish our taxes. It was great to see friends who are due with their first baby in less than a month. 

Overall we had a very busy weekend but had lots of fun, saw lots of friends, and accomplished a lot. Now if the weather would just warm up that would be fabulous.

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