Happy Birthday to Me Lucky 33

Happy Friday and Happy Birthday to me. Today is my 33rd birthday. Today I am doing 33 random facts about me. 

1- Growing up I was obsessed with frogs. I still like them but not as obsessed as I use to be. I use to have collections in every room.

2- Now I am Disney obsessed. My favorite is Mickey and Minnie kissing. I love going to Disney World (even without my kids) and Disney movies. 

3- I have known my best friend Heather since we were 4 years old. She moved down the street and came over to play on our slip and slide. 

4- Chocolate makes everything better. My favorite is dark chocolate.

5- I use to think beer was gross and not worth wasting to try and drink. Now it is my alcholic beverage drink of choice. Depending on my mood I like chocolate stouts. With the summer weather I am liking fruitier light beers. 

6- Every morning I have to make my bed (after everyone else gets out of it). I hate walking into my room and my bed being un-made. I feel like the whole house is a mess.

7- I have survived the last 3 years in our current house with no dish washer. (and I hate dishes) We have a portable dishwasher that sucks, you have to pre-wash the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher to be washed again. That's to much work and to much water. I would rather just do it once and get it over with. Our next house has to have a dishwasher or space for a permanent one. 

8- I somewhat planned my own 25th surprise party. I mentioned to my sister I wanted a surprise party, and who she should invite. Her and my then husband planned all the rest of the details. 

9- I can drive a stick shift if I had to. 

10- I have a birth mark on the side of my neck that looks like a hickey. It has faded over the years but comes out in the sun.

11- My favorite games growing up were Battleship and Twister. Both of which we don't currently own.

12- Speaking of games I have a love/hate relationship with Monopoly. I hate losing so I use to cheat and play the banker. One year my sister bought me electronic Monopoly so I could no longer cheat, the box is still unopened and I haven't planed Monopoly since. (unless you count playing with Ella but making up our own rules.) 

13- My favorite coffee is fresh ground Kona Blend made in a french press. (We make it every Sunday)

14- I use to want to be a teacher growing up. Now I look at teachers of how patient they are and could never do it. I give so much props to teachers. 

15- Growing up I was never really into reading much, my sister was the bookworm. Now I love getting wrapped up in a good book.

16- My first real job was as a receptionist at a hair salon before I got my cosmetology license. 

17- After getting my license I went to work at a different salon based on training requirements. I was still a minor and the previous salon wouldn't let a parent stay at the hotel with me.

18- I worked for said company on and off for 15 years, 4 different locations, assistant manager at one, stylist at others. 

19- Between there I also was the night operations manager at a well known hotel chain. I worked there for a year and a half, manager for 9 months and I hated it.

20- I have no tattoos. I want one but can't decide what I want. 

21- I had braces way to long. From the end of 8th grade, until the week before prom my senior year.

22- My first concert was Linkin Park. I saw them 6 times in concert.

23- I have only been pulled over once for running a stop sign (knock on wood)

24- I took French in school. I may not be able to speak it very well, but I can read it enough to get around parts of Canada.

25- I have a fear of spiders.

26- I don't drink pop, unless I am sharing with someone else.

27- I use to be a horrible cook. Practice makes perfect, I don't measure much and it turns out great now.

28- I don't touch a grill. I have dropped my fair share of burgers and steaks down the grate. I will leave it to the professionals. 

29- I always had pets growing up until I moved in with Brian. He is allergic to cats and dogs. We do have fish.

30- I can hang with the boys when it comes to drag racing.

31- I know more about working on cars then most men.

32- My favorite Disney princess is Snow White.

33- I use to be awesome at playing Call of Duty. I haven't touched a video game in 7 years. 

That was a lot harder than I anticipated. I hope you learned something new about me. 

Have a great weekend. 

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  1. This is precious. Loved getting to know you more and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! May it be the BEST year yet!

  2. Happy Birthday! Maybe you should get a tattoo of Mickey and Minnie kissing!


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