Low Key Relaxing Weekend

Happy Monday. We, well Austin and I had a much needed somewhat relaxing, low key, weekend. Brian was busy working a charity event on Saturday and showing houses on Sunday and Ella was with her dad all weekend. Austin and I stayed inside mostly, took naps (well one of us did), watched tv, played with trains a lot... a much needed weekend. We both have been fighting colds for the past week and I finally feel like we are 80% better now. 

Friday I drove and walked to pick Ella up from school. You are probably like that's an oxy moron. Let me explain. So if you are a car rider you have to call before 3pm to switch her arrangements. Plus to get a good spot in line we have to leave at 330 and school doesn't get out until 350. It we walk fully home I have to leave at 340. If I drive part way, then walk 500 feet (park on a side street) I can leave at 345. There was a chance of rain and I had to run to the grocery story for dinner so I drove and walked. It actually turned out to be good because right when we got to the store it started down pouring and we wouldn't have been home yet from walking. 

While shopping Ella found these little pies and asked if she could try one. They were only 50 cents. I said sure pick out two and we can share. We ended up getting four and splitting them for ways. Her favorite was the cherry, Brian liked the blueberry. I wasn't a huge fan of any of them. The other two were pumpkin and apple. ( I just need to make a pie myself)

After Ella got picked up by her father, Austin decided he wanted to run around the house naked (well in a diaper). This is very usual for him, normally he wants a shirt on. It only lasted a few minutes they he wanted his pj's on and played with his trains again.

Randomly on Friday night we lost power for about an hour. I used the time to curl up with a book I needed to finish and review for Netgalley. Brian got bored and ended up starting to paint out front porch. He ended up finishing the first coat in the dark. When he finished we got power back.

Saturday we had a very lazy day. I caught up on shows that were on my dvr, watched a few movies, and played with my little man. He enjoyed being in his pjs all day. 

Saturday's high were only in the low 60s, I dont think it even got above 62 degrees. It was a great night for soup and sammies. I had a can of condensed chicken noodle soup that I dockered up with some seasonings. After dinner I enjoyed some alone time and got some grocery shopping done, mostly because we needed milk and diapers.

Sunday was another lazy day. I started watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix. 

After Brian got home for showing houses I ran to Office Max for Girl Scouts and Fresh Thyme for the last few things I needed for the week. Brian then put the last coat of paint on the front porch. Depending on the lighting it is a gray/brown, here is it still wet. 

Another lazy day called for dockered up roasted red pepper and tomato soup and another sammie. 

Hope you had a great weekend. 

Oh I just have to share last week was the first week since I don't know when, that I hit my goal of walking 10,000. Monday-Friday. Now to keep that up and start working towards more goals. 

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  1. Sounds like a nice, relaxing weekend! You have a great blog!

  2. A wonderfully relaxing weekend! It was cold here today too and I WISH we had had soup and sandwiches.

    1. It is finally fall with the colder temps. I see a lot more cooler days and soup in our future.


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