Friday Favorites

Happy Friday. I am so excited for a family filled weekend. Hopefully we had some decent weather and can get out of the house and enjoy it. 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these three lovely ladies: ErikaNarci, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

Ella decided she wanted to try a "dunkable" egg for breakfast the other morning. This was after she overheard me talking about the foods that I am not suppose to eat while pregnant, kids a crazy half stupid list. Under cooked eggs is one of the foods, which I have broken the rule a few times. She wasnt a huge fan, but said she would try it again another day.

~ TWO ~

We are past the halfway mark and at 22 weeks. This past week we had a big milestone and some not so good news. You can read about it HERE.


You would think by the smile on this boys face he got a new expensive toy. Nope just two new cars from the Dollar Tree and this boy is as happy as can be. 

~ FOUR ~

Someone was excited she lost another tooth. She kept telling me she needed to lose this tooth at my house and not her fathers because she needed money here. Then she hoped in the car the one day at school pick up and was so excited to show me that she had lost her tooth. Now only if we remembered to put it under her pillow for the tooth fairy to bring her money.

~ FIVE ~

It is feeling like Spring for a little bit. The kids are enjoying any time we get outside after being in the house all winter. 

Hope you have a great weekend. I am also linking up with Whitney for High 5 for Friday

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