Bring on September- Weekend Recap and Goals

Guess What time It Is

It is officially one of my favorite times of the year. Pumpkin Spice Season. What you didn't know it is a season. Well it is in our house. I hate to admit that I have had 5, yes 5 Nitro Cold Brew Pumpkin Crew Coffees in the last week. I am going to go broke with them this year but they are oh so good. I also got Brian addicted to them. 

Now that it is after Labor Day I am ready to decorate for Fall. I got some new decorations and idea planned. I can't wait to see it all done. Now to climb up in the attic and get my decoration and have time with a baby not attached to me to get some things done. 

~ Friday ~

Sorry picture is blurry but do you see that arm. That is a little girl who was suppose to be taking a nap but told me not today mom on Friday. She decided she didn't want to sleep much at all. She just wanted to eat and be held. 

Instead I took her outside for a little bit with her little babysitter amusing her and playing with her toys. 

~ Saturday ~

Saturday we got off to a slow start. We got donuts, iced coffee, and headed to our normal spot for a walk and play time. We have been going to this park since I was pregnant with Austin. 

They recently redid their play area of the kids and it is huge and so much to do for a wide range of ages. We could spend hours playing and the kids wouldn't get bored. 

While at the park I wore Audrianna the whole time. I took her off to feed her then put her right back on. She loves being in her front carrier. 
We then headed home to watch the Ohio State Buckeyes football game were they dominated the game. 
We ended the night hosting a cook out with my parents, sister, and niece.

~ Sunday ~

Sunday started off as a low key catch up day. Laundry, dishes, and trying to get my new planner organized. I say try because I kept getting pulled away to do something else. I still am not finished. 

We finished the afternoon/evening at Brian's families cookout. Audrianna slept most of the evening, even with getting passed around to different family members who needed their baby fix. 

~ Monday ~

I had a rough night with Audrianna and a long day. Since she slept so much the day before she was up a lot and eating a lot. She has stopped taking the bottle and only wants to breastfeed. Plus allergies/cold has hit our house. Audrianna and I are staying away from everyone else and staying healthy.

~ August Goals ~

Lets take a look back at last months goals

  • Read 1 Book- didnt happen
  • Have 1 Play Date
  • Go For 1 Family Walk A Week 
  • Have Family Movie Night
  • Date Night with Brian - Surprising we went out for shopping and dinner with just Audrianna. 
  • Mother/Daughter Date
  • Restart 2B Mindset - I started back with it then fell off track. I am back at it as of yesterday
  • Girl Scout Brownie Training
  • Sell Maternity Clothes

  • Drink 100 oz of water a day (good for me and help with breast milk supply)
  • Wash my face every night 
  • End the night with no dirty dishes in the sink
  • Dinner Menu Plan
  • Take 10 minutes for myself 
~ September Goals~
  • Read 1 book
  • Have 1 family date night
  • Brian and I date
  • Get planner ready for school year
  • Catch up on emails
  • Go to Library
  • Get back into cleaning schedule
  • Go through Audrianna's clothes
  • Continue potty training Austin
  • Decorate for Fall


  • Drink 100 oz of water a day 
  • Wash my face every night 
  • End the night with no dirty dishes in the sink
  • Dinner Menu Plan
  • Take 10 minutes for myself 
  • Workout 3 days a week

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