37 Weeks Old

You are probably wondering why I am doing a 37 week post. No one calls it weeks when you are not pregnant. Well I went to 37 weeks pregnant with Audrianna and she has officially been outside for the same amount of time she was inside. 

I can't believe that Audrianna is already 8 months old. She was 8 months on the 11th. This time is really flying by, I know everyone always says that but it is so true. 

I love watching her grow and seeing how she is different and alike Austin and Aubriella. They both love her so much. 

She is the happiest, silliest, smiley baby, as long as I am in her eye sight and her "sitters" are not around. She is a mommy's girl and is already attached to me at the hip. The occassions when I leave her with grandma, Memaw or her Aunts for short periods of time she screams the whole time. 

Audrianna's hair seems to be having a red tint to it. Somedays her eyes are looking blue other days they are brown. I have brown eyes and Brian has blue eyes. 

We are still doing baby led weaning. However we had gotten her eating pureed baby foods. Somedays she doesn't want to eat real food but will eat a full baby food pouch. 

Audrianna has her two bottom teeth, and knows how to use them when she wants to. (aka bite me when she isn't really eating) There is lots of drooling going on again and some sleepless nights. I think one of her top teeth are coming in now as well. She also is a brat and won't let me take a picture of her teeth.

She is sitting like a pro and can go from sitting to the crawling position and back to sitting as long as she doesn't lay all the way down. She still isn't mobile yet. 

Audrianna loves her siblings and her father. She gets so excited and kicks her legs. The sweetest thing is when she puts her arms out to you to pick her up. 

Audrianna loves to be outside and have the wind blowing in her hair. Besides going for a few walks and being outside in our yard she hasn't gone anywhere in over a week. It has been a few weeks since she saw anyone that wasn't mom, dad, and her siblings. She is very much a mommy's girl. She is going to be a joy once we are aloud to be around other people again.

I may have had a rough 37 weeks of being pregnant. From having hyperemesis gravidarum to heart concerns for myself, non-stress tests twice a week for over two months with lots of emergency ultrasounds to having a very dramatic birth (you can read about the birth story here). She was well worth it and I would never change anything for the world. But I am done having kids as my body can not handle any more pregnancies. I will try to enjoy all the little and big moments as they grow up so fast.

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