How are YOU doing?

Hey friends. How are you doing? Things has been crazy, hectic, chaos the last week or so. I feel like every day it is something new, from schools shutting down (3 weeks here) to businesses closing, and now Ohio is in a Stay at Home order. I know some places are not in as much locked down as we currently are but I can see this progressing to everywhere eventually. It is scary, there are so many unknowns, but we are all in this together.

I don't talk about it very much but certain situations that are our of my control give me high anxiety and I know I am not alone. I am trying to do my best to stay sane, not reading everything on the internet (Facebook is the worst) and only getting the latest updates once that I need to know. 

How are YOU holding up? How are things in your area? How is your family getting by with the new "normal"? 

Some days are better than others. Aubriella and Austin are out of school until April 6th if not longer. Ella has school work to do about 40 minutes a day on the computer, plus weekly art projects, music, and gym assignments. Austin we are just working on his speech at home. 

Brian is a realtor and is still allowed to work under the stay at home order. He plans on working from home as much as possible. We are also in the process of remodeling the bathroom and kitchen. The hope is to get as much of it as we can by ourselves that once the order is lifted we can get it finished.

We have survived the first week. I have a lot I would like to do but it is hard with 3 kids home 24/7. Some days Ella and Austin play good together, other days they fight like siblings. Then Audrianna has her clingy days and other days where she is good on her own for a little while playing on the floor. I have gotten back into the habit of waking up earlier than everyone else, between 5:30 and 7 depends on how the night before went. I am getting a little "me time" in the morning and a daily workout. I am doing this new workout program that is shadow boxing and I have to admit it is great at taking out some of my built up anger over this whole situtation.

Ella goes to her dads tomorrow and won't be back until Monday. There is pros and cons of this. When she comes back I want to have some sort of schedule set up to help transition our days. Best case scenario Ella and Austin is only off for another week after she comes home from her dads. I want to be prepared for extended time off. Over the summers we have a schedule, my kids do better with some structure and not free for all, all the time.

We have been having more family movie nights, playing games, and cuddle times. At times I am ready for them to go back to school and get back to what was normal. But I know these days won't last forever, I don't want to wish away them growing up to fast. The bonding we are all getting is priceless. 

The weather has been all over the place here in Ohio. One day it was 67, kids outside playing with no coats, riding bikes and living life. The next day we woke up with snow on the ground. Every day we at least try to get outside for 30 minutes to get some fresh air and release some energy. 

To help with some anxiety I have also gotten back into doing daily devotions, daily affirmations, daily gratitude, working out, cherishing time with my family, putting my phone done more, listening to Disney music, reading, being realistic on my expectations, 

Please share what is going on in your area. Are you under a Stay at Home Order? How long are your kids off school? How are you coping? 

Stay healthy. 

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