Friday Favorites

Happy Friday. I have been disconnected this week because when it rains it pours literally and figuratively. A lot has happened negatively but lets move forward. No more dewelling on the past. It is the holiday weekend, almost the end of the month, we have lots of plans and interaction with people. I am so excited. Lets first take a look at a few positive favorites from the week. 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

The weather has been finally nice enough and we got a break in the rain for Ella to use her Christmas present. Yes I said Christmas present. She got a cute pottery wheel kit that she has been asking to use. It comes with molds to make certain things. She made a bracelet holder, but it ended up breaking a few days later when she was showing it for "show and tell" at school. We will be trying it again.

~ TWO ~

This swing set has been the best investment/gift that my kids have ever got. It is 3 years old now I believe and been through its share of storms and needs a little TLC but they have hours of fun. Audrianna just loves swinging. 


Enjoying the dry weather outside with the kids walking back and forth a few houses. I may have a margarita in my glass, it was that kind of day.

~ FOUR ~

Audrianna had a head size check up that we had to go in to the doctor. It wasn't that bad. I wore my mask the whole time. Now Audrianna did scream 90% of the time, not because of masks but because she doesn't like people. We did get a good follow up that her head is still the same size as a month ago at the ER and she is progressing normally. Her doctor is not concerned she just has a big head.

~ FIVE ~

Belated Happy Mother's Day to me!!!!!!!

18 bottles of wine, half red and half white. Yes I will take that. Now where do I store them since is a wreck.

~ SIX ~

Ella and I got another bike ride in this week. Next week she wants us to go get ice cream together. 

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  1. That pottery wheel is so cute, I remember having one as a kid too! I love that you guys are able to spend so much time outside. I won't judge you for taking a margarita to-go, I have contemplated taking my wine with me on our walks several times, haha! Have a great weekend! :)

    1. Thanks for not judging lol. You should totally take some wine with you

  2. That pottery wheel is adorable; I always had my kids do messy art and science projects outside too. The cleanup is so much easier that way. I think a bike ride to get ice cream sounds great!

    1. I wouldn't imagine the mess of a pottery wheel in the house. The clay always flings everywhere.


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