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I have calmed down on my Amazon shopping. I had gone a little crazy in April with everything I was buying. In May I didn't buy as much, partially because my debit card numbers were stolen and it seemed to take forever to get a new card.

Lets take a look at my Amazon purchases from May.

grinderPUNCH Women's Designer Inspired Oversized Round Circle Sunglasses Mod Fashion

I needed a new pair of play sunglasses. I usually buy my sunglasses at the mall but with the malls close that wasn't an option. I saw someone on Instagram with these sunglasses and decided to give them a try. I don't normally go with Black Circle Frames but I am loving these. 

A girlfriend recommended these laser cut thongs. They are so soft and comfortable plus affordable. Huge difference from what I previously had.

Ella has been asking for larger Lego platforms. She said couldn't build anything because our platforms were not big enough. We just got these the other day and already have had hours of fun.

I got my bike out and have been riding it a lot with Ella. It is over 10 years old and the seat was hard and had a whole in it. The Cruiser Saddle seat is amazing. So soft and cushiony I no longer complain about my butt when we get back from our few mile bike rides. 

If you have a girl with longer hair I recommend investing in swim goggles that are fabric around the head instead of plastic. It doesn't tangle or get caught, less fights and is so easy for them to put on and off themselves. Last year we bought Ella a pair. They got left in the toy box outside all winter and the google itself I can't get clean. She loves these new mermaid goggles, since she is a real mermaid. 

Austin only drinks really really cold water with ice cubes. We don't have a working ice cube maker in our freezer so we had the old school trays. The kids had the hardest time getting their own ice. We got these silicone easy release trays that make getting ice cubes so much easier for all of us. 

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  1. Sorry to hear your debit card numbers were stolen.

  2. What a pain about your debit card! Those swim goggles would have been a life saver for my daughter. Thanks for linking up to Prime Purchases!


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