Amazon Prime November and Best Of

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When I first thought about this months Amazon Prime post I didn't think I was going to have to much to share. I must have forgotten what I purchases this month. There are some Christmas gifts, some essentials we needed, and a few surprises. 

Our whole family (minus Audrianna) takes elderberry gummies everyday and have for over a year. Last flu/cold season none of us got really sick just minor weak colds. I found these gummies on lightening deal and decided to give them a try. Sometimes it is hard or expensive to find the gummies at our local stories. These New Age Elderberry gummies actually taste really good. 

I started a new workout program that uses a workout step. The program is not like "your mom's aerobic stepping programs" It is an intense body weight program and I am loving it plus it is only 20 minutes a day. 

Right after Halloween I got two Halloween books for really cheap. It was a deal I couldn't pass up. I am putting the books up for next year. I want to bring out books by each season/holiday for the kids. Who doesn't love Charlie Brown.

Ella's school was having a virtual scholastic book fair. They must have been pushing it the days she was hybrid and her library "class" of looking to see what books they were interested in. Ella found this Descendent's book that she wanted. The book was $5 and I was going to order it for her until I found out the shipping was more than the book. Instead I found it on Amazon. (yes I know the proceeds go to the school, I prefer to donate in other ways that the school is going to see more of the proceeds)

I usually order from Young Living but they were not in the budget this month and we were out of some oils. I order these from Artizen after looking into other options. 

Another blogger shared this heart sweatshirt. I love hearts and was looking for a cozy to sweatshirt to lounge around the house in. I went with a large, but could have gotten a medium. 

The kids were dealing with some sinuses and sore throats and I started using our humidifiers and diffusers again. I had one of these diffusers for Ella's room, then put hers in Austin's room, and bought Ella the same one again. 

I saw this cute idea for ornaments for the kids trees in their rooms on Instagram. Our Elf on the Shelf brought them these scratch art ornaments to personalize their trees. 

The Polar Express is a favorite Christmas movie in our house. I am surprised it isn't on anything to stream. We had a copy that was from when Ella was younger if not before she was born and it had seen better days. I was going to rent it from Amazon but when I saw the prize of a new dvd I decided to just buy a new copy.

Ella has been talking about a microscope and doing science experiments since she went back to school hybrid. She had one at her dad's but keep saying they won't let her use it. We are surprising her with one for our house for Christmas. 

BEST OF 2020
Based on affiliate orders from this past year the most popular purchases were:

Goodnight Train - Austin's favorite book

6 pack of Goldfish - cheaper than you can find in the store

 Splash Googles that don't pull your hair

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    1. I actually have used it for getting things I can't reach also. It has been very handy.

  2. She will love the microscope - what a great gift idea. I remember loving mine when I was a kid. Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  3. Ooh those goggles are something my oldest niece would probably love next summer!! I miss Scholastic Book Fairs. That's a bummer the shipping is so expensive.



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