Easter Recap

Hey loves. Happy Thursday. How are you doing? I am so happy to be back to a routine and schedule. It will never go perfectly as planned but something is better than nothing. It is hard to believe that Easter was two weeks ago already and Mother's Day is in less than a month. I know most of us are all moms, but we still have our own mama's to cherish too. 

Today I am going to share briefly of what we did for Easter this year. As a back story this year I had Ella the weekend of Easter, but her father got her on Easter Sunday at 10. With Covid both of our families are not getting together as they had previously where we would host Easter Brunch. This year we had two Easters, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. 

Saturday afternoon my parents, sister, and niece came over. Ella and Claudia wore their matching dresses they got for Christmas. For the first few hours we just hung out, talked, and the kids played. Most of the food was already cooked/prepped, Brian just had to do the ham, which was nice not being in the kitchen most of the time. 

My mom scaled down their Easter baskets this year, which they didn't complain about at all usually a lot of the candy just gets thrown away anyways. They got a large egg filled with some candy, a large chocolate bunny sucker and some peeps. Each kids also got a little gift. They all were happy with what they got, and most of the candy still has not been eaten. 

Dinner is served- ham, baked beans, bread, scallop potatoes, and broccoli salad. We had deviled eggs for an appetizer. Dessert was carrot cake and bunny cups 

All 4 kids are doing so well sitting at two small tables with chairs. They help Audrianna when needed and eat their dinner. 

Sunday morning the kids woke up to the Easter bunny hiding eggs around the house and their Easter baskets. Next year the bunny needs to hid the baskets better, they found them in 30 seconds. 

In their baskets this year was just odds and ends. Some sand toys, a few books, some candy, pop its, and other random things. Audrianna also got a Minnie Mouse peek a boo doll, Ella got a clothes basket so she can do her own laundry, and Austin got some dinosaurs. 

It was a little chilly out. The kids put on shoes and their robes and headed outside to collect the Easter eggs that bunny hid. 

Audrianna kinda picked up a few eggs, we helped, but she ended up putting them all in a pot where another egg was. She would point out the eggs but not pick them up and put them in her basket it was cute. 

After finding all the eggs Ella also found a slug in one of her eggs. 

We had a quick nothing special breakfast followed by haircuts for everyone. Audrianna wanted her hair cut 5 times, she sat the best out of all the kids. But they all had fresh cuts and baths and ready for the rest of the day.

Later that afternoon we went to Brian's family for dinner and Easter baskets for the kids. I didn't take any pictures surprisingly. We made it an early night as we headed off on vacation early the next morning. 

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