Tuesday Talk- Coffee Talk

 Hey loves. Happy Tuesday. How was your weekend? We spent our weekend outside for the most part doing yard work. Pulling weeds, planting flowers, cutting the grass.... This is the first year in a few years that I helped with the flower beds. I have to say it was kind of relaxing. 

Today I am joining in with with Erika for Tuesday Talk. Today is just a bunch on randomness like a coffee chat. 

  • Austin has 4 days left of preschool. I am not ready for him to be in Kindergarten. He will also be attending summer camp two days a week all summer.
  • Ella has 15 days left. She goes until June 9th, it is the longest of all our friends.
  • I am loving being outside. Audrianna is such an outside baby, now if she would just stay in the yard.
  • I am so excited for summer. Everything is opening back up and I want to do so much with the kids, from different play groups, the library, play dates and more. 
  • With that I also am looking forward to a relaxing summer. (hopefully)
  • Cricut is my new best friend. I have done a few projects and I am loving it. Why didn't I get one sooner. I have so many ideas of things I want to make.
  • We are struggling hard core on getting Audrianna back to a sleep schedule. She has been fighting a cold for at least a week. Then she wakes up the kids, it is always something. This mama thrives on routine and having my me time in the morning and I am not getting because at the same time I need sleep.
  • I was reading an old blog post about only buying 5 things this year beyond what you need. Yeah I have not kept to that at all.
  • I am excited for the next two seasons of the Bachelorette anyone else still watching?
  • I use to watch so much TV, now I barely watch one show a week. How times have changed. Well that is if you don't count watching Moana or Frozen 5 times a day. Most of the time it is on for background noise.
Tell me one random thing.

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