Currently and November Intentions

 Hey loves. It is officially November. As you read this we are prepping our new house to move in. That means: cleaning, washing walls, scrubbing carpets, priming and painting the bedrooms, new carpets for the bed rooms, and moving all our stuff. Then the organizing begins. Eventually projects will be happening too.

It's the  first Wednesday of the month. I am linking up with Anne for another month of currently. This months prompts are: appreciating, getting, making, sharing, and wearing.

~ Appreciating ~
My family, from my mom watching Audrianna everyday this week, to family helping (or planning on helping) us paint, clean, and move. 

~ Getting ~
I am getting our new house turned into a home. 

~ Making ~
I am making freezer meals to make this week less stressful.

~ Sharing ~
The holidays are right around the corner, I am sharing holiday gift guides. 

~ Wearing ~
I am wearing comfy leggings, pulling out the sweaters and flannel. 

Quick October Recap

October Goals

This month is going to be crazy. We have Ella's birthday party in 2 weeks, and we move the beginning of November. Throw in Halloween, packing the whole house, and fall fun. 


  • date night- no
  • Go to a pumpkin patch- no
  • carve pumpkins- yes
  • go trick or treating- yes
  • celebrate Ella's birthday- yes


  • pack- yes


  • keep up on my workouts- yes
  • stay consistent with water and veggies- yes
  • do devotional even if not first thing in the morning- no

November Goals
I know this month is going to be crazy with us moving, the kids starting a new school, and the holidays fast approaching. I also know the for me and my family getting into a routine and structure again is what we need to thrive. There are less arguing, less fights, more happy memories and less chaos. 

  • date night
  • make Christmas Bucket List
  • make winter bucket list
  • celebrate Thanksgiving
  • sleep train Audrianna
  • make kids Christmas lists
  • mail Christmas cards
  • make Elf on the shelf calendar
  • family game night
  • family movie night
  • morning gratitude with kids
  • get 90% of Christmas shopping done
  • decorate for Christmas
  • unpack
  • come up with new cleaning schedule
  • come up with kids chores and allowance 

  • drink 80 oz of water
  • track everything I eat
  • complete 21 days of Bodi Camp
  • read 4 books
  • read 1 PD book
  • get into a new mindset morning routine
  • have a friends date

  • send out 2 newsletters
  • start reaching out for collabs for 2022

  • grow subscribers to 20
  • post 2 videos a week

  • sell 5 digital items
  • have 10 items available for download

Health and Fitness Business
  • Help 3 women on their health and wellness journey
  • plan a 12 days of fit-mas FREE group
What are your goals for November?

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  1. I can't wait to see your new home. When are you decorating for Christmas?? I want to start like yesterday! LOL

    1. i can't wait to start sharing everything. we will probably start decorating soon. All the xmas stuff is sitting on one room instead of putting it away just to pull it all back out.


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