Elf on the Shelf Week 3

 Another week of Gus Gus having fun. 

Day 17 ( Saturday December 11th)

Gus Gus decided to bungee just from the top of the stairs. 

Day 18 ( Sunday December 12th)

Mr. Dinosaur is taking GusGus for a drive. 

Day 19 ( Monday December 13th)

GusGus is trying to kiss everyone and hanging out with the mistletoe.

Day 20 ( Tuesday December 14th)

GusGus broke into my corner China cabinet. He thinks he is a snow globe. 

Day 21 ( Wednesday December 15th)

Anyone want some reindeer poop? My kids did eat it.

Day 22 ( Thursday December 16th)

I want a hippopotamus for Christmas. 

Day 23 ( Friday December 17th)

Gus Gus got stuck sneaking food from the kids snack basket in the pantry.

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*Mom and Dad have special powers in our house to move GusGus to a safe location after the kids have found him. That way they can still play with their toys that Gus Gus was playing with. This year we are moving him to the top of the mantel. 

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