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 Hey loves. Happy Tuesday. Boy do I need a coffee date in person with a girlfriend or girlfriends. Sometimes you just need human interaction. I don't see that happening any time soon with schedules and a lot of coffee shops are going back to no sitting area again. Until them lets chat.

Before we get into this what is your drink of choice? At home I am still on a black coffee with a splash of peppermint syrup. I bought a bottle in December and I swear it is never ending. 

- Since being in our new house, the kids each have their own laundry basket (our old house had a laundry shoot). I swear we have at least 2 more loads a week compared to before. Where is all this laundry coming from? The goal is to do each basket on a different day and have Ella do her own laundry. So far I still have been doing it all on Thursday or Friday. 

- We are starting to wean Audrianna from breastfeeding. She is 2 and a half. Our struggle is she has always been exclusively breastfeed, has never taken a bottle, and she doesn't drink much milk or eat much dairy. Last weeks grocery order I got a bunch of different dairy to see what she likes. 

- Sleep Training has started, kinda. I purchased Awesome Littles Sleepers sleep training program a few months ago and I am just now diving into the videos. The doctor said there is no reason Audrianna should be waking up numerous times a night and especially nursing which she is probably just doing as a pacifier. (previously he was concerned with her weight and thyroid so recommended we not change anything for a few months) He also recommended the book 1 2 3 Magic that I just purchased and going to give that a read too. Wish us luck 

- While we are on the topic of Audrianna after we are done with sleep training and weaning we will get into the adventures of potty training. She is showing signs that she is ready.

- Fall class sign up has started for Audrianna's school. She goes to a private preschool. Both Ella and Austin also went there. We have her signed up for 3 days a week for 2 hours a day. It has been so good for her, she is speaking more, interacts with other kids, and not attached to my hip all the time either.

- Austin was a struggle to get to go to basketball this past weekend. After we went he had fun, but it was like pulling teeth to get him out of the house.

- Speaking of teeth, Austin has his first lose tooth. He is 6. He is excited for the tooth fairy to come when he loses it. 

- Ella is also in basketball and loves it. She has practice once a week and games every Saturday. She has asked for a basketball hoop for our driveway, this iwill probably happen in the spring, maybe from a fuzzy bunny.

- The kids only have 3 days this week, which is throwing me off. I am happy they are healthy and back in school. We all needed some schedule, routine and normalacy.

- I never finished watching Michelle's season of the Bachelorette and haven't even started watching Claytons season. 

- I am still watching Hallmark Christmas movies I have DVRd on the Frndly app. It sucks that I can't watch the Frndly app on our main living room tv because the app is not available with our smart tv. 

- I went back through my previous Coffee Talks and how things were going when the pandemic first started. I hate to say that we may complain but we have adjusted to the new norm. It does help though that the kids are back in school and not virtual. 

- I am loving sitting at the desk in our office and watching the snow fall. I also love that we have a garage that my van is parked in so I don't have to wipe the snow off my van. I am also very grateful and fortunate that we have a garage.

- Dry January is going good, but I will be cutting it short to celebrate my best friends birthday.

- No spend January is going so so. I have bought a few things but have put a lot more items in my Amazon cart that I would have normally just bought. 

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  1. My kids all went to school today. Hopefully it stays that way! I read 123 Magic when I was working as a social worker. It seems pretty simple but I never managed to make it work for me!


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