Lets Look- Date Nights

 Hey loves. Happy Wednesday. We are expected to have gorgeous weather today in the 70s but with possible rain. I am hoping that we get outside and enjoy some of the day. 

Lets look and talk date nights. Today I am linking up with Shay and Erika for their monthly Lets Look series. 

Date nights what are those? Just kidding. They surely have changed over the years and gotten less frequently. Especially the last few years (thank you Covid, not). When I just had Ella date nights happened a lot, Ella would go to her dad's house and Brian and I would go do something. Even after having Austin it was normally not an issue to find a sitter. After Anna things changed drastically. Anna refused a bottle and would scream most of the time if not the whole time I was gone. That doesn't make anyone want to watch her. She has pretty much grown out of that, but it is harder to get a sitter for 3 kids compared to 1 or 2 and our grandparents are not always available. 

Our goal is at least one date night a month. This year it has happened 2 out of 4 times and one was technically a quick lunch date, but we will count it as getting out of the house with no kids. Date nights anymore are just going out to dinner and maybe a little shopping, nothing to exciting. They use to be going to concerts, comedy clubs, country bars with live music, the movies, etc. Now I am good with getting a few drinks and enjoying hot food without kids needing something. 

Earlier this month we got out and had tacos and drinks. 

Then went to the Cheesecake factory and had dessert and another drink. 

In March we had a quick lunch and grabbed beers on St. Pattys Day. I was hoping and disappointed my beer wasn't green. 

Sometimes our date nights include an extra child. Last month we took Ella to see Ohio State Girls Basketball game, just the 3 of us. It was a great day trip

My all time favorite date night was actually a long date weekend to Disney World. Yes adults can do Disney without kids. 

What do you do for date night? How often do you get them?

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  1. I love hearing live music at a bar! We did Disneyland before we were married, and it was super fun!

    1. I miss seeing the live bands. We haven't been out to a bar in years.

  2. Oh I bet it would be tricky trying to find a sitter for three kiddos! Love that you sometimes take one of your kiddos along. That must make it special for everyone.

    1. It does make the kid going on the date special, one on one time doesn't happen often enough


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